Ranking All the Songs from the Big Daddy Soundtrack

Big Daddy

Big Daddy is a 1990 comedy film about a 32-year-old Sonny Koufax (Adam Sandler) who is out to save his failing relationship. This law graduate didn’t sit for the bar exam and seems comfortable working in a tollbooth and idling. Sonny’s girlfriend Vanessa (Kristy Swanson) is unhappy with his behavior and demands a change, or she’ll have to break up with him. The unrealistic Sonny thinks proving he is responsible would help patch things up with his fed-up girlfriend. He decides to adopt a five-year-old Julian (Cole Sprouse, Dylan Sprouse), who is dropped at the doorstep and alleged to be his roommate’s (Kelvin) son, who at the time had traveled to China for a business trip. Sonny expects the girlfriend to be impressed by his decision to raise Julian, but his plan fails. He learns that Vanessa is seeing someone else (Sid) and decides to take Julian back to his mom but finds out she’s dead. He then resolves to be his foster parent. Now, let’s rank all the songs from the Big Daddy soundtrack.

16. The Kiss by Adam Sandler, Jonathan Loughran


Have you ever found yourself in an awkward situation? If yes, you can relate to this clip. It must have been an uncomfortable situation for Sonny when Layla’s sister (Corinne) bumped into them when they were kissing. Also, during the moment where his father (Lenny Koufax) expresses his disapproval about him adopting Julian and where he walks into Vanessa’s house, hoping to impress her, only to find her with Sid (an older man who happens to be her current boyfriend).

15. Ga Ga by Melanie C


When getting into a relationship, you want to convince yourself that the friendship will last for a lifetime. But challenges will always come your way. However, the question is, will you both be willing to adapt to the changes in life that may affect your relationship? This track conveys that relationships are like trains; if it doesn’t stop at your station, it isn’t yours. It’s important to learn to let go and move on. Sonny and Vanessa portray this message well; when they couldn’t work out their issues, each had to move on.

14. Kangaroo by Tim Herlihy


Music plays a significant role in nurturing a child’s social and emotional skills. It’s well portrayed through Julian’s love for this song. Listening to it triggers some calmness in him, which is essential for his emotional well-being.

13. Sid by Adam Sandler


Who doesn’t love gifts? It feels special when the gift is from the people you consider dear or close friends. That explains why we tend to treasure their gifts more regardless of the value attached than those received from the not very close people in our lives. But what makes gift-giving fun is when a friend teases you into guessing the type of gift they got you, and you guess it wrong, as Sid did in this clip.

12. Instant Pleasure by Rufus Wainwright


Why would anyone want to have a friend with benefits? It’s one tricky relationship. However, this song makes this kind of friendship appear like a sweet scenario that will give eternal pleasure without commitment. It’s the behavior portrayed by Sonny in his early relationship with Vanessa. However, at the end of the movie, he is a changed man with a promising career and his own family.

11. What is Life by Shawn Mullins


When you sincerely love someone, you’ll try to make things work. The song shows how much Sonny was determined to save his relationship with Vanessa. He couldn’t imagine his life without her. Sadly, she had to move on with Sid, who had a structured life.

10. Smelly Kid by Adam Sandler, Helen Llyod Breed


Interestingly, this sound clip teaches the value of patience and accepting one’s faults. It also conveys the importance of a parent’s involvement in their child’s life, both at home and in school. Sonny’s level of calmness at the scene where the teacher pinpoints some worrying issues about Julian’s behavior is priceless. He also agrees to have failed in teaching his son healthy habits and promises to be a better parent to Julian.

9. Only Love Can Break Your Heart by Neil Young


Listen to this song, and it’ll remind you of all the moments you felt alone and like no one cared. That’s what happens to Julian. He loses his mother at a tender age, and he is taken to his father, who is not at home to embrace him. He must have felt alone until Sonny took him and showed him love and care. Sadly, Julian is taken away from Sonny by the social services.

8. When I Grow Up by Garbage


Do you remember all the dreams you had as a child? Many kids hope to change a few things when they grow up. Their wish is to have a better life as grown-ups, different from what they have in their childhood. It’s called having ambitions. That’s the message in this song as portrayed in the scene where Sonny disguises himself as Scuba Sam, and Julian is excited and wants to be in the Scuba Squad when he grows up.

7. Oh La La by The Wiseguys


This is one of the infectious hits that will get you into a partying mood. It’s among the repetitive songs that can be very manipulative. Play it, and everyone around will join the groove.

6. Sweet Child o’ Mine by Sheryl Crow


At times the young ones remind us of our childhood. You look at them and can’t stop reminiscing everything you were at their age. It seems like you share similar looks, behaviors, and fantasies. It’s what Sonny experiences when he looks at Julian. He feels empathy for the little boy and hopes he can change the situation. So he decides to adopt him, but the court grants custody to Kelvin, Julian’s biological father. Sonny is saddened by the ruling but assures Julian that they’ll always be friends.

5. Just Like This by Limp Bizkit


Here is the perfect ballad to motivate you into making positive changes in your life. The lyrics describe Sonny’s life. He did what he had to, to acquire full custody of Julian. He also went back to complete his bar exam, got a job, and set himself free from being labeled a loafer.

4. Rush by Big Audio Dynamite


Sometimes you may look back and blame yourself for what you did wrong. But, you should only hold yourself accountable if those mistakes haven’t transformed you into a better version of yourself. Today’s achievements are a result of yesterday’s failures. That’s what this song is talking about. It relates to Sonny’s life. He probably wouldn’t have attained success, as portrayed towards the movie’s end, if it were not for the wrong decisions he made in the past.

3. Passin’ Me By – The Pharcyde


We all have had some desires that will never come true, like loving someone who cannot reciprocate. It’s not different from what we see in this Big Daddy film when Sonny longs for Vanessa’s love, but she cannot be with him for she belongs to another man. All he’s left with are memories of the sweet times they spent together.

2. Babe by Styx


This song talks about saying goodbye, which is never fun, whether temporarily or forever, especially if the person you are parting with is the only one who gives your life meaning. The message in the lyrics is well expressed in Big Daddy’s saddest scenes, where Sonny has to bid Julian goodbye.

1. If I Can’t Have You by Yvonne Elliman


Love is beautiful when you find the person you’d wish to spend your life with. But what makes it sweeter is when your wishes come true. This song expresses Sonny’s feelings for Layla. Interestingly, the two end up marrying and having a child of their own.

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