Ranking All The Songs from the Serendipity Soundtrack


In 2001, the American romantic comedy film Serendipity was released. The movie follows two strangers who meet by chance and begin a wondrous journey together. The film’s soundtrack is just as dreamy as the movie itself, filled with beautiful tracks that reflect the magical feeling of chance encounters and new love. Here is a ranking of all the songs from the Serendipity soundtrack.

15. Never a Day by Wood (2001)


Wood’s “Never a Day” is a lovely, understated track that perfectly sets the film’s tone. It’s a song about being content at the moment and enjoying the simple things in life, which is exactly what Serendipity is all about. The piece is perfectly placed at the beginning of the film, as it sets up the story of two people who are meant to be together.

14. Moonlight Kiss by Bap Kennedy (2000)


Bap Kennedy’s “Moonlight Kiss” is a haunting ballad that plays during a critical scene in the film Serendipity. The song perfectly captures the film’s mix of hope and melancholy as the characters John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale confront the possibility that they may never meet again. Despite its haunting quality, the song’s positive message about the power of love helps to offset the film’s more downbeat moments.

13. January Rain by David Gray (2001)


January Rain is about a love so strong that it can weather any storm. It’s a simple, beautiful song with a longing, romantic feeling. It’s an excellent choice for the Serendipity soundtrack because it perfectly captures the sense of hope and possibility that comes with new love. Its critical response was generally positive, with many critics praising its atmosphere and Gray’s vocals.

12. Waiting in Vain by Annie Lennox (1995)


Waiting in Vain is a song by Annie Lennox, released as the fourth single from her 1995 album Medusa. Lyrically, the song is about a woman waiting for her lover to come back to her, even though she knows he never will. The lyrics are written in the form of a conversation between the woman and her friends, in which she tries to justify her actions. The song’s music video was directed by Sophie Muller and featured Lennox walking around London in a white dress. Waiting in Vain was generally well-received by music critics. AllMusic’s Ned Raggett praised the song’s “moody, slightly trip-hop production” and called it one of the album’s highlights.

11. The Distance by Evan & Jaron (2000)


This song is pretty classic, and it’s one of those that gets stuck in your head easily. It’s about a couple in a long-distance relationship, and they’re both missing each other. It’s a lovely song, and it fits the movie. The song is about the album Evan and Jaron, and it is musically classified as pop. The song was released in 2000 and is three minutes and thirty-three seconds long.

10. Like Lovers Do by Heather Nova (2002)


Like Lovers Do is a haunting ballad that perfectly captures the feeling of longing and nostalgia that permeates the Serendipity soundtrack, Heather Nova’s ethereal vocals are backed by a simple piano melody, making for a track that is both heartbreaking and beautiful. If you’re looking for a song to help you wallow in your sadness, this is the one.

9. When You Know by Shawn Colvin (2001)


When You Know is a song by Shawn Colvin, released as a single in 2001. The song was featured in the movie Serendipity. The music itself is about the feeling of finally meeting the right person and knowing that it is meant to be. It describes the feeling of Serendipity or finding something good without looking for it. This is an excellent song about finally meeting the right person and feeling like it was meant to be. The lyrics are beautiful, and the song has a great message. It is one of the best songs on the Serendipity soundtrack.

8. Black Eyed Dog by Nick Drake (1979)


Black Eyed Dog is a song by English singer-songwriter Nick Drake, released posthumously on the 1979 compilation album Fruit Tree. It was written in 1974, towards the end of Drake’s life, and was one of the last songs he ever wrote. The song is a sparse, folky ballad, with Drake’s delicate fingerpicked guitar accompaniment and trademark melancholic vocal delivery. Lyrically, the song is about Drake’s battle with depression and how it led him to believe that a “black-eyed dog was following him.” Several artists have covered the song, including Beck, Elbow, and John Martyn.

7. Northern Sky by Nick Drake (1971)


Nick Drake’s “Northern Sky” is one of the most beautiful and atmospheric songs on the Serendipity Soundtrack. It’s the perfect song for a montage of winter scenes in New York City. The song is about longing for a lost love, and it’s just so regrettable and beautiful. It describes the feeling of being lost and alone in a big city, which many people can relate to. I love this song, and it’s one of the soundtrack’s highlights. It’s just so gorgeous and heartbreaking.

6. Cool Yule by Louis Armstrong (1953)


Louis Armstrong’s 1953 cover of “Cool Yule” is one of the holiday song’s most popular and enduring versions. The music is used in the scene where John Cusack’s character tries to woo Kate Beckinsale’s character by singing along to the jukebox. While the scene is set in the present day, the use of this vintage song creates a sense of nostalgia and romance. The original “Cool Yule” was written by Steve Allen in 1947 and has been covered by many artists over the years. Armstrong’s version is widely considered to be one of the best, and it perfectly suits the film’s mood.

5. This Year by Chantal Kreviazuk (2001)


When the film Serendipity was released in 2001, the soundtrack featured a mix of well-known pop songs and indie tracks. One of the more forgettable tracks on the album is “This Year” by Chantal Kreviazuk. The song is a slow, meandering ballad that adds little to the film’s light-hearted tone. Kreviazuk is a Canadian singer-songwriter who has released several albums since her debut in 1996. “This Year” is one of her less successful singles, peaking at #64 on the Canadian charts.

4. (There’s) Always Something There to Remind Me by Brian Whitman (2001)


The song is about a past relationship that the protagonist can’t forget about. The lyrics reflect on the happy moments of the connection and how those memories still make the protagonist sad because they’re not together anymore. The song has a tragic and nostalgic tone, but there’s also an element of hope in the lyrics. The protagonist hopes that someday they’ll be able to get back together with the person they love. Whitman’s cover of the song is a stripped-down acoustic version that highlights the emotions in the lyrics. Whitman’s voice is full of sadness and longing, and his performance brings the lyrics to life. This is a beautiful cover of a classic song, and it’s one of the standouts on the Serendipity soundtrack.

3. 83 by John Mayer (2001)


Mayer’s first single from his debut album, Room for Squares, was released in 2001. “83” is a song about young love and has a feeling of nostalgia. The lyrics are simple, but the music is catchy and memorable. They describe a young couple in love and how they’re feeling in the moment. The song is ranked third on the Serendipity Soundtrack, but it’s one of Mayer’s most popular songs.

2. Fast Forward by Alan Silvestri (2001)


This film’s unique soundtrack features a mix of old and new songs. While some may argue that this song choice is jarring, I think it works well with the film’s overall quirkiness. “Fast Forward” by Alan Silvestri is a perfect example of this. The song is fun and upbeat but also has an otherworldly feel to it. This makes it the ideal choice for a film about two people who are meant to be together but keep getting pulled apart by the forces of fate.

1. From Rusholme With Love by Mint Royale (1999)


This electro-swing track was released in 1999 and came from the album On the Ropes. It’s used in the scene where Jonathan (John Cusack) and Sara (Kate Beckinsale) dance in the record store. The song perfectly captures the energy and chemistry between the two characters.


The Serendipity Soundtrack is full of great songs that perfectly capture the film’s light-hearted and romantic tone. While some tracks are more forgettable than others, some standouts are worth listening to. If you’re a fan of the film or enjoy romantic comedies in general, I recommend checking out the Serendipity Soundtrack.

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