Harry Potter author JK Rowling talks about when she decided to write

JK Rowling says when she decided to write the Harry Potter series. The 55-year-old bestselling author was having made such a mess of my life generally.

J.K. Rowling also is the author of Harry Potter and now writing as Robert Galbraith. A few days ago, in the new interview, she revealed that was insecure and lacked self-belief when she put the story of the boy wizard to work. When she wrote the first novel as a struggling single mother in the United Kingdom, having split from the first husband. She also had the idea for this wizard character while on a delayed train to London King’s Cross in 1990. This is over the next five years began to plan out the books in the series.

During on appearance on BBC Radio 2‘s Ken Bruce program, JK Rowling revealed how she decided to writer Harry Potter:

“You have to push through your lack of belief. Certainly, with Potter and with other things I’ve written, I’ve put them down for months at a time. I have got better at believing that I can push through. I remember when I was writing Potter I was writing two other things simultaneously and slowly but surely I realized that Potter was the best of them. And even though I was very insecure I just kept pushing on.”

JK Rowling also added:

“The thing that pushed me to complete the book and really to have belief was having made such a mess of my life generally. I do remember feeling, ‘Look, so you get turned down by every publisher in the country, what’s to lose now?’

What I did believe was, I came to a point where I thought, ‘This is a good story and I’m going to put everything into this and see what happens.’ And I’d lost the fear of failing or rejecting that had probably hampered me a little bit early on in my writing.

I had the idea for Harry Potter when I was 25 and I’d done a lot of writing before then, but I was extraordinarily insecure and very rarely shared anything that I’d written. I wrote some spoof things for friends to make them laugh.

But I never shared anything that I’d written in earnest because I was quite insecure. I still had this degree of belief in the story that quelled my doubts and made me keep working, difficult though it was at that time.”

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