Metallica shares 1983 Metro Chicago concert in Metallica Mondays

Metallica shares the 1983 Metro Chicago concert in Metallica Mondays. This is also the first-ever tour in their music history.

The thrash metal band have been uploading some of their favorite shows to the official YouTube channel. Metallica Mondays almost over the last two months, including some of the unknown concerts of their Black album. They also release their London’s House Of Vans in 2016. Now, they’re back on their Kill ‘Em All For One Tour. In this tour, they release their show from The Metro in Chicago happened on August 12th, 1983.

The video starts with Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich’s introduction and he says: “This goes back to the summer of 1983, so about 400 years ago on our first tour with our buddies in Raven. We were going across America, just trying to figure it all out. Two of the clips appeared on the Cliff ‘Em All collection and the full gig was included in the Kill ‘Em All box set. The audio didn’t start recording until after Hit The Lights!”

He also added: 

“This was nine days after James Hetfield’s 20th birthday, I was 19, Kirk Hammett is 20 and Cliff Burton is 21.”

Metallica will continue to shares new videos every Monday. You can also buy a Blackened album here.

Metallica: The Metro, Chicago concert setlist on August 12, 1983

1. Jump In The Fire
2. Phantom Lord
3. No Remorse
4. Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth)
5. Whiplash
6. Seek & Destroy
7. Guitar Solo
8. Metal Militia

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