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METALLICA’s Kirk Hammet Says He Doesn’t Like His ‘Kill Em All’ Solos

METALLICA‘s guitarist Kirk Hammett says that he was inadequate in METALLICA‘s debut album and he does not like those solos.

In 1983, METALLICA‘s first album was released and the lives of rock and metal music lovers changed completely. This album is considered the birth of them and the rise of metal music. Maybe if there is a debate about this album, we will defend it until the end. So what does the guitarist and songwriter of the METALLICA band think about his performance?

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Kirk Hammett was a guest on Gibson TV program and talked about METALLICA‘s debut album. The artist thinks his performance is bad and inadequate, and he said I wish I could record it again.

Stating that the album was recorded in a very fast process, Kirk explained the performances as follows:

“A lot of those guitar solos I wish I could do-over. But it was really just, ‘OK, done. Next one.’ There are bad notes all over that album. Bends are kinda shaky…”

However, compared to those times, he thinks that METALLICA is doing quality and professional work; “We had pretty high standards of quality even back then but we didn’t have the resources to really do anything about it until the next album.”

Kirk Hammett also spoke about the present, saying that he has always strived to improve and wanted to offer unique work to his fans.

“The pressure for me is to not do the same thing twice, so every album I try not to repeat myself – and I know you guitar players know what I’m talking about. I never know what the heck my guitar solos are going to be on certain songs live because I leave it open.”


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