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Tony Iommi interview for heavy metal and his Lamborghini Urus car

Tony Iommi interview for heavy metal and his Lamborghini cars. Black Sabbath guitarist has a passion for Lamborghini cars when he sees the first flash of success.

Black Sabbath has sold over 100 million songs, amazing audiences in countless stadium tours or concerts around the world. And had a beating generation after generation of rock bands since it was formed in the industrial British city of Birmingham in 1968. It is a fitting thing that Iommi is a fan of longtime Sant’Agata engines and one of the original builders of the sound of the thunderous guitar that characterizes heavy-metal genres.

During an appearance on Lamborghini’s blog, Tony Iommi reveals what he thinks about heavy metal with cars:

“I started off with two Espadas in the ‘70s, one after the other, then I bought a Miura SV. When the Urus came out, I fell in love with it. It drives well and it’s comfortable, I was impressed the first time I tried it during a track day. It was great and very responsive! When I put my foot down, I couldn’t believe it: it didn’t seem right, with a car of that size going that fast. I had to own it.

And I’ve gone crazy on blue all of a sudden, so it had to be blue. For us, it was all about sticking to what we do, what we believe in, and what we like, from day one and all the way through. I’ve never changed my style because it’s fashion. We’ve been in and out of fashion ourselves as things around us were constantly changing. But we never compromised and came back as big as ever, until we filled stadiums again. It was brilliant!

He also added which bands inspired from Black Sabbath:

“We started the heavy metal genre, which inspired bands like Metallica and Dave Grohl‘s [Former Nirvana drummer] Foo Fighters to find their own styles. Music changes as it goes on, but ours has pretty much stayed the same because that’s what we do: when you’re involved in something and it’s in you, that’s what you play.

We have improved it over the years, but we retained the original thing. Equally, Lamborghini has always looked for innovation while always retaining that unmatched power and unmistakable sound.”

Also, talked about his guitar:

“I have always used the Gibson SG, a double cutaway, so I can get my hands up to the top frets, but they normally always come standard as 21-fret. That’s why I bought a guitar company, so they’d make me a 24-fret. I love being directly involved in the design and adjusting the guitars to my own needs, in terms of manoeuvrability and sound.”

And added what he thinks about his Lamborghini cars:

“I have done 50 years of flying everywhere around the world umpteen times, so I think travelling days are over for me. Now it’s nice to be in one spot for bit, and – I can’t believe it – this is the longest I’ve ever been in one place. But when it will be possible to travel again I’ll drive the Urus to our house down in Sandbanks, by the sea in Dorset.”

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