Ranking The 10 Best Songs from the Doom Soundtrack


The Doom soundtrack are the tracks that you probably heard the most back when Doom first came out. The tracks are usually short, but they’ve got that “oomph” factor to it that makes a gamer play a level a couple more times just to hear the track again. The 10 songs listed here are the personal favorites from Doom’s soundtrack. These songs, though it sometimes has a few shortcomings, are always fun to listen to.

10. E1M1 – At Doom’s Gate


It starts with a guitar riff, and it adds up to the level’s tension as you progress. This sound was recorded in a studio and adds to the tension of the game. The tune is very similar to Metallica’s “Creeping Death.” You can even hear the “nah-na-na-nananana” part of the song (though I’m pretty sure that Kirk Hammett didn’t steal the tune). This track is known as the “ultra-violence theme” because it is usually played during most violent scenes.

9. E1M9 – Industrial Zone


Industrial Zone is one of the best compositions in Doom’s soundtrack and it’s also a favorite among the gamers. The song is just plain fast with an electric guitar that adds to the track’s intensity, which you’ll hear when you play the game. It’s also the track that plays when you’re in the final level during the early stages of Doom.

8. E1M2 – The Slipgate Complex


The song that plays in the level where you meet your first demons is a very good track. The song was composed to add tension, but it also adds a little fun to the tune. You can hear that this tune is from an electric guitar and even has a bassline that you can dance with while playing the game. The soundtrack sounds as if Metallica hired John Romero to compose a song for their upcoming album.

7. E1M7 – Silicon Metropolis


Another favorite of gamers, Silicon Metropolis plays during one of the most memorable scenes in the game – when you fight against Cyberdemon. The tune has a nice beat to it and plays at a moderate pace until the final part, where it gets faster before Cyberdemons appears.

6. E1M4 – Command Control


If you’ve played Doom, then you probably heard this track countless times as you proceed from room to room. This main theme is a nice song that adds tension as it plays. The tune sounds like an electric guitar that has the effect of a wah-wah pedal put into it. The drums sound like they’re coming from a machine gun and the bass is very loud. The first part of this song sounds a lot like an old video game. It’s a very dark song that sounds scary. This song sounds like a marching band song. It has a beat that’s kind of hard to dance to. The drums are a little loud and the bass is very deep.

5. E1M3 – Toxin Refinery

One of the best tracks in Doom, Toxin Refinery has a very cool beat to it that makes you want to kill demons as much as possible. The song is composed of only one guitar and was created to add tension and excitement. It’s pretty short and has no real long notes or sections so it’s easy to remember. It is a great track to learn how to use the B button, which is used for running and jumping. There are two different versions of this track. The first version is the one that you hear in the game, and the second one is the “shortened” version that can be found in the Doom II mod folder.

4. E1M5 – Phobos Anomaly


Phobos Anomaly is the first track in Doom where you hear a choir singing “aaahhh” in the back. This is one of those songs that you hear during an intense part of the game as if to add more tension as you progress through the level. The song is fast-paced and does not have an electric guitar playing it, but still manages to play faster as you continue.

3. E1M6 – Halls of the Damned


Halls of the Damned plays during one of the most exciting parts of Doom, where you are being chased by demons. You can sense that the guitar in this track was played with a lot of emotion as it adds to the song’s intensity. The song is short but it fits perfectly for this part in the game. It was probably written to be this way, but it does fit the perfect timing of the game.

2. E3M1 – Hell Keep


Hell Keep is one of those songs that when you hear it, you’ll know that something is about to happen. The song starts slow with a guitar, but when it’s time for an attack from hell, this track will be played at its finest as you are being attacked by a hoard of demons. This soundtrack is also composed of many other great songs. You can use this doom soundtrack at your next Halloween party.

1. E3M1 – Tower of Babel


The final track on Doom’s soundtrack, Tower of Babel has a nice beat to it that adds up to the game’s excitement as you proceed through levels. The tune is very fast-paced and even though this was only composed using one guitar, the song plays very well. This soundtrack is perhaps one of the best made for a first-person shooter. If you are new to Doom, then this is an excellent soundtrack to introduce you to the game.


The game that started the First Person Shooter (FPS) genre owes its success to an excellent soundtrack composed by Bobby Prince. The tune is very enjoyable and very well made as it can set the mood even before you have started playing the game, which makes it a great addition to any gamer’s collection. Hope you enjoyed this list of Best Songs from the Doom Soundtrack. If so, please take the time to listen to them.

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