10 Things You Didn’t Know About Nardo Wick

Nardo Wick

Nardo Wick is a trending topic on the hip-hop scene. He’s one of those mysterious celebrities who amassed large followings of fans, who would like to know more about him. His music has taken him into the spotlight and rocketed him to fame with the fortune that follows. For those of you who want to know more about the mysterious rapper, here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about Nardo Wick.

1. His Age

According to HITC, Many of Wick’s supporters were a bit stymied because he hasn’t done a lot to reveal personal details of his life, but reliable sources have at least confirmed his age. After a lot of speculation about whether he’s 16 or 22, Mr. Wick is 22 years old as of 2023.

2. Nardo Wick has people guessing about what his name means

Another question that fans have about Nardo Wick is how he came to have that stage name and what it means. The name Wick is likely describing his stage persona because he calls himself a “wicked millionaire.” It’s all confirmed by the biography section of his Instagram account. Wicked isn’t necessarily a negative term. Sometimes it’s simply an indication of excessive goodness. For the record, his nickname is Nar, so we can safely assume that the name is one that he was comfortable with.

3. He’s a native of Florida

Although Nardo Wick doesn’t make a habit of self-disclosure, we learned that he is a native of the state of Florida. He is from the city of Jacksonville. He was born there on December 30, 2001. He grew up in Florida and attended local schools in Jacksonville. It’s also worth noting that Nardo Wick did not attend public schools. His parents enrolled him in a private school in Jacksonville, from which he successfully graduated.

4. He landed a contract with RCA records

Nardo’s truly big break came when he landed an official contract with the famed label RCA Records. The deal has taken his career to a whole new level of fame and fortune. It’s also given him greater exposure to the masses, and his music is being well received by an adoring public.

5. He’s a multitalented professional

While Nardo Wick is still a teenager, he is a very successful entrepreneur. He started as a YouTuber, posting his hip hop songs “Who Want Smoke, “Pull Up,” “Slide,” “Knock Knock,” and many others that became massive hits. He is also a social media influencer which also brings in multiple revenue streams. He’s a singer and songwriter on top of all that. His YouTube channel has been a rampant success with a six-month tally of 13 million views for his hit song “Who Want Smoke. ” Other hits have also clocked several million views.

6. We know his real name

According to News Unzip, Nardo Wik’s real name is Horace Bernard Walls III. We can tell by this that there is a great sense of pride in the family as being a III means that he inherited the name of his father and his grandfather on his paternal side. He chose to keep his family name out of the spotlight though. Instead, he adopted his stage name, which was probably a good idea, since he has become one of the most popular new rappers in the United States in recent months. His fame grew so rapidly that he’s probably not yet had time to digest just how famous he has become yet.

7. He’s making bank on YouTube subscriptions

It’s great that Nardo Wick has secured a record label, but he is doing fine aside from any monetary gain he will make from that. His YouTube channel is quite successful. As of August of 2021, Nardo Wick had 89.2 thousand subscribers. This alone is enough to make him a very wealthy young artist. Nardo Wick has a lot of good things going for him including music videos, his new record contract, endorsing products as a social media influencer, and the fact that he is young, talented, and appears to have the world on a string. His estimated net wealth is believed to be between $4.5 and $5 million.

8. Nardo Wick is no average teenaager

According to The Double Cup, one of the factors behind Wick’s astronomical and rapid rise to success is his voice that is well-suited for rap music. Another reason is that he is no average teen. Reliable sources who are close to him reveal that he doesn’t think or act like the stereotypical teen. He is more mature than the average crowd his age. There is nothing childish about his attitude or his actions. He takes life and business seriously, and does it with class and style. People like Nardo Wick because he’s real and he is solid.

9. Nardo Wick is a private person

You won’t find much information shared on social media about Nardo Wick’s parents or other family members. This is because he chooses not to make references to them. He likes to keep his private life separate from his professional life. This is how he protects the privacy of his loved ones.

10. He was arrested in August

Nardo Wick was arrested by US Marshalls in August of 2021. According to Hip Hop DX, He was handcuffed with another person and taken in for concealed weapons charges in Florida. Although there were no other details released about the case, sleuths unearthed information from court documents that indicate the arrest was made regarding a case that was opened in 2020. No other information is available yet. It’s unclear whether Nardo Wick is being formally charged or not at this time. More information is likely to be released when the case goes to court.

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