The 10 Best Fit for an Autopsy Songs of All-Time

Fit for an Autopsy

Even if you’ve never heard Fit for an Autopsy, you could guess that they are a fantastic deathcore band because of the name. The extreme genre isn’t easy to conquer; with hardcore punk, metalcore, and death metal elements, it’s as hard, heavy, and loud as it gets without actually bowing an eardrum. Non-fans call it ‘loud for the sake of noise,’ but outstanding bands like Fit for an Autopsy break down those perceptions. Here are the top ten best Fit for an Autopsy songs of all time.

10. The Sea of Tragic Beasts


The title of both the opening song and album, the title alone, is exquisitely evocative. In this case, the tragic beasts’ are predators who can never find any rest or peace. The theme of constant fighting for survival both praises the hunter for its skill while lamenting the sorrows of the prey’s harsh life. As Will Putney, the guitarist, told AltPres, people need to be “puffed up and aggressive” to make it in life. That sort of violence has a mournful side as well, and it makes for a great song.

9. Mirrors


Mirrors is all about how the people around you affect who you are through interactions. We learn from one another for better or worse. When we experience trauma, it stays with us often longer than the person who caused it. People carry the weight of all the bad in their lives. Moreover, it affects how we behave and who we become. The mirror shows us reflections of how we act and how difficult it can be to move away from the negative.

8. Murder in the First


If there wasn’t already a great song called “Eat the Rich,” this song could easily have that name. The obsession with possessions and loopholes that let politicians and stars get away with literal murder are a problem. Yet, we are all complicit because we allow it to continue when we know it is wrong. As the song says, “Take two and call me when you’re numb.”

7. Hydra


If there’s just one song from Fit for an Autopsy that really sticks in your head, it’s Hydra. This song is almost ‘catchy,’ though contagious is more like it. The absolute disgust and rage channeled into the many ways we betray ourselves, and each other doesn’t stop this song from somehow also being earworm-worthy.

6. Swing The Axe


The feeling that you’re drowning (metaphorically) in a life that is designed to suck you down is something many people experience. Swing The Axe is all about our complicity and helplessness. Modern life can feel like a trap because of the excellent design that keeps us complicit even when we know things are wrong.

5. Saltwound


Metal is all about expressing your raw emotions. Anger at the system, loathing for specific people who might be better off dead, and even disappointment in yourself. This superb song talks about how extra that pain can seem at times and how helpless you can feel when you don’t have a way to make others see how you feel.

4. Fear Tomorrow


If the title of this track isn’t enough to give it away, Fear Tomorrow was released in 2020. Themes like the plague and human extinction speak to this generation as much as they speak to deathcore and metal fans in general. Fit for an Autopsy was already a band whose music would thrive in adverse and dangerous conditions. Then, the world threw them into an era of actual plague, and they handled it with incredible musical skill.

3. Tremors


Tremors was the single released before the album Hellbound came out. As you might expect, it has heavy-handed ‘we’re all doomed in the end’ vibes. The order of the day is disgusting and morose as the lyrics talk about piles of bones and stillborn children. However, there’s a sense of disappointment as much as sorrow in this song. As deathcore goes, this is a classic example of the morbid and unsettling themes that define the genre.

2. Heads Will Hang


If you only know the title for this song, you might expect it to be about the death penalty, which would certainly be in line for a Fit for an Autopsy song. However, this video is deeper and more thoughtful than that. In reality, it is about the third-world conditions rarely seen in the USA. Specifically, Heads WIll Hang is about an American family in similar conditions to those seen overseas. The album this song comes from, titled The Great Collapse, is all about humanity’s unbalanced relationship with nature and the world.

1. Warfare


A lot of metal music is based on fantasy concepts. It romanticizes death and war into something beautiful and more metaphorical. With Sea of Tragic Beasts and especially this track, that is clearly not what Fit for an Autopsy had in mind. Cutting right to the meat of the matter, this song opens with “When the f-k did everyone decide to become a politician?” Communicating is about more than social niceties. It’s important to actually speak your mind and hear what others have to say. Hiding the truth to be polite or socially ‘correct’ is exhausting, and ultimately it leads to less honest interactions.

Final Thoughts

Like all great and dark bands, Fit for an Autopsy explores those things we find hard to face. With well-considered lyrics and outstanding composition, they put their hearts and souls into the work they do, and you can hear it. Deathcore comes from a place of pain, sorrow, loss, and darkness. Expressing fear, rage, loathing and other unpleasantness is tough enough when you’re not doing it in front of thousands of screaming fans. In a way, it is an act of courage to be a band like Fit for an Autopsy, but it is also a way to face your issues and help others.

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