Lars Ulrich interview for possible Metallica quarantine album

Lars Ulrich interview about the possible Metallica quarantine album. He also reveals that “a very good chance” that Metallica will make an album due the coronavirus lockdown.

A few days ago on Tuesday (April 28) Metallica’s famous drummer Lars talks in webchat with Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff about the what happens next. In this latest interview he mentined the the possibility of the band recording a “quarantine album”. Metallica band released its latest full-length studio album “Hardwired… to Self-Destruct” in November 2016.

Larus Ulrich interview explain the their progress due to COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic:

“We’ve been sitting around in the last four to six weeks and having numerous conversations; the four members of Metallica connect via Zoom once a week. Also, it’s great to connect – all four of us are, obviously, in four different locations in four different states right now. But one topic of conversation on these weekly Zoom sessions is: ‘What does it look like going forward?’ What will the next couple of months look like? What will the rest of the year look like?'”

“And what will, obviously, say, the next decade look like in terms of: ‘How do we create, how do we write music, how do we record music, how do we share music, and how is it all gonna look with the uncertainties ahead of us?’ I think for people like myself, for people in the band, for people in our organization, we can get very comfortable with knowing everything that’s in front of us. I could pretty much walk you through what the rest of my 2020 looked like, I could start walking you through what my 2021 looked like.”

Then Lars added:

“We planned everything years ahead. We know where we’re gonna be, our calendars, and our iPhones are full of all these appointments and all these places we have to travel and so on. I think it’s a great lesson for people like ourselves who like to steer and be on top and control every element of our existence that, all of a sudden, we are sitting here now for the first time in memory, not knowing what does the rest of 2020 look like. I was supposed to be in Brazil this week and playing shows all over Latin America – they’ve all been moved to the fall. We were supposed to play festivals all over North America in May – they’ve all been moved.”

“But now some of those that have been moved to September and October, one of them was canceled last week, in Kentucky. I’ll have to say, as you and I sit here, I don’t know what the rest of those rescheduled dates will look like. I hope, obviously, that we can come out and play and that we can connect and we can bring people together in these situations through music, but you and I both know – and everybody listening in and watching – knows that there’s a significant chance that none of those dates are gonna happen.

“Because the idea of bringing tens of thousands of people together in concert settings. This is maybe just not the right idea for the health and safety of everybody in 2020. So the fact that we once again find ourselves in situations where we don’t exactly know what the next six months or the next year of our lives look like. I think, is a very, very valuable where we have to kind of surrender to the moment.”

You can listen to Lars Ulrich interview with Marc Benioff below.


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