The 10 Best Bell Biv Devoe Songs of All-Time

Bell Biv Devoe

Bell Biv Devoe is an American music group formed by members who were previously from a group called New Edition. The group members are Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins, and Ronnie DeVoe. This band is best known for their successful 1990 debut album, Poison. According to Albumism, the album sold over 4 million copies upon its release. Two singles from the album, “Poison” and “Do Me!” reached number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1990. Some people may assume that the two singles were the only ones released by this band, but you would be wrong. The band has produced other underrated songs, and we will identify some. Without further ado, here are the top ten best Bell Biv Devoe songs of all time.

10. When Will I See You Smile Again? (1990)

Some people are not remorseful when they do wrong to someone else. However, this song gives us hope that some people can seek forgiveness when they do something wrong. In this song, a man apologizes to his woman for messing up. An example of how he messed up was by making promises and not going through with them. To further show how sorry he is, he asks the woman what he can do to make it up to her.

9. She’s Dope (1989)

This song is about a man who finds a certain woman attractive. The attraction to the woman begins as soon as he sees her in a magazine. Within no time, he wants to date her. The man falling in love so fast seems unrealistic, but it happens in real life. According to Mind Body Green, 34% of Americans claimed they experienced love at first sight in a 2017 survey.

8. Word to the Mutha (1991)

If you are an avid fan of New Edition, you will appreciate the creativity of this song’s chorus. In the chorus, the band references their hit songs and New Edition’s hit songs, e.g., Candy Girl, N.E. Heartbreak, Do Me, etc. The song acknowledges how things do not always stay the same. For instance, they claim that there are good and bad people. Also, they acknowledge that people come and go in the music industry. The takeaway from the song is that life is unpredictable.

7. Do Me (1990)

Most R&B songs from the 1980s referenced sex, but in an ambiguous way. However, according to Song Facts, this song pushed the envelope by referencing sex without any ambiguity. To further bewilder you, the song did not reference sex between lovers but statutory rape. Some people found the song shocking when they first heard it on the radio, but there was no backlash against the song. In fact, the song reached number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100.

6. Run (2017)

Have you been in a relationship where you felt your significant other was playing games? If your answer is yes, you will relate to this song. In this song, a man buys his woman gifts but decides to run. Additionally, the woman claims she cares for him but doesn’t do anything to create the time to communicate. Due to the mixed signals, you are left confused about whether to continue with the relationship or break it. If you ever find yourself loving someone indecisive, opt for the latter option.

5. I Do Need You (1990)

This song is about a man who harbors feelings for a certain woman. He has been in love with her for a long time, but the woman does not love him back. Despite knowing that she does not love him, he continues to convince her to love him. He is convinced that the woman may change her mind after realizing his persistence. However, sometimes the woman may never love you, and it is okay to accept that. If you continually persist with some women, you may be slapped with a restraining order.

4. Gangsta (1993)

The song captures everything you wouldn’t want in a girlfriend. It talks about a woman who carries a gun for fun, refuses to call her boyfriend “honey,” and is ill-tempered to the point she would shoot him because of an argument. Even though the man admits the woman is no good, he still loves her. It is quite common for some people to ignore major red flags in their partners, and usually, it does not end well for them. So if you were dating a woman who liked to carry a gun around, I like to think that you would run without looking back.

3. Something In Your Eyes (1993)

This song focuses on a man who is confident that a particular woman loves him. He approaches the woman and claims he can see that she wants him by looking at her eyes. At some point, he realizes how overconfident he is, but he is not ashamed of it. Generally, some women admire confidence in a man. However, it would help if you weren’t too confident to the point you appear arrogant. On the other hand, you shouldn’t lack confidence in front of a woman. Otherwise, she may assume that you will not take charge of a relationship or anything else.

2. Incredible (2017)

The song focuses on a man who praises a woman for her beauty and intelligence. Not only do men want her, but women want to be like her. The men do not desire her for casual sex but for marriage.

1. Poison (1990)

This song cautions us against assuming a woman is pleasant just because of her body and smile. Sometimes, the woman who looks innocent turns out to be deadly. In this song, a certain woman appears to fall in love with DeVoe. However, she only wants him due to his fame and money.


Bell Biv Devoe’s songs have a way of challenging the listener to think of relationships differently. Even though most R&B songs focus on sleeping with someone, this group manages to explore other aspects of love beyond sex. For instance, the band manages to remind you that a person you may love may not love you back or may be dangerous.

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