The 10 Best Bad Wolves Songs of All-Time

Bad Wolves

Drummer John Boecklin and lead singer Tommy Vext co-founded Bad Wolves with lead guitarist Doc Coyle, rhythm guitarist Chris Cain, and bassist Kyle Konkiel in 2017. The same year they released their debut single, “Learn to Live.” Two years later, they dropped their sophomore album “N.A.T.I.O.N.” on October 25, 2019, the last album featuring frontman Tommy Vext.

Two years later, on January 8, Vext left the bad amidst a sea of controversy. The group started legal proceedings against the singer for copyright infringement after Vext posted material recorded during his days with the band. After his departure, Daniel “DL” Laskiewicz joined the band, and Bad Wolves released their third album, “Dear Monsters,” with several well-received singles.

DL Laskiewicz first gained prominence with the group Acacia Strain and worked with All That Remains, Legion, and For the Fallen Dreams. He first worked with Bad Wolves on their 2019 album “N.A.T.I.O.N.” According to Artist Group International, “Bad Wolves aren’t just a band, they’re a sonic wrecking ball that’s destroying everything in their path.”

Listening to their music, that’s an accurate assessment. Whether it’s covering a timeless 90s classic or putting the pain of addiction to music, the group has recorded many great songs during their short time together as a group. Bad Wolves has toured with many notable groups throughout their career, including Five Finger Death Punch, Shinedown, and Breaking Benjamin.

Even though the group’s style of music falls smoothly into more complex rock and metal realms, they have also recorded several hits that give them cross-genre appeal. These are the 10 best Bad Wolves songs of all time.

10. House of Cards

The group released this song after DL Laskiewicz replaced Tommy Vext as the frontman. The best parts of the track are the portion showcasing Laskiewicz’s vocal range. According to Mxdwn, his vocals and the group’s overall sound help establish their place in contemporary metal. Many critics noticed this is one of the heavier tracks on the Bad Wolves album “Dear Monsters.” Undoubtedly, the raw emotion draws from the contentious social media storm between Vext and the other members.

9. Hear Me Now (Featuring Diamante)

This song is a standout in the group’s catalog because it showcases a softer side of the band. Even though there are many heavier elements in the music, it also features a piano intro which helped make it a cross-genre hit. Diamante opened for the group on the From Ashes To New Tour.

8. I’ll Be There

Bad Wolves released this song to hype up fans before they went on tour with Papa Roach, Asking Alexandria, and Five Finger Death Punch. Monster Energy compared some of the instrumentation to another metal group legend, Pantera, going on to say, “this song will surely serve as the heavy music community’s summer anthem.”

7. No Masters

This song is the third single from the group’s freshman album “Disobey.” At the same time Bad Wolves released it, they were also working on crowdfunding a documentary about their rise to fame. Even though the group was relatively new, all of the musicians already enjoyed individual success. So, it’s no wonder that “No Masters” was one of many hit songs on the album.

6. Killing Me Slowly

Bad Wolves’ second album was “N.A.T.I.O.N.,” which led with this single. According to Billboard, the album debuted at number two on the Hard Rock Album charts, and the single debuted at number one on the Mainstream Rock Songs airplay charts.

5. Learn to Walk Again

During the writing of this song, the group and its members were going through many changes. Moreover, the fate of the group was uncertain. The lyrics in the music speak to people struggling to find purpose and direction in their lives. Much like other songs in the group’s catalog, Vext’s personal experience shine in the vocals and instrumentation.

4. Remember When

Frontman Tommy Vext has a volatile relationship with his twin brother. The latter is currently serving seventeen years for attempted murder after killing Tommy and his family while high on drugs. This song explores the choices each brother made and how they shaped the trajectory of their lives. The video is a candid portrait of how two siblings can have the same experiences and make drastic and sometimes harmful decisions.

3. Lifeline

This song was the first release after Vext left the band. Since Bad Wolves already had a large fan base, there was a lot of pressure on DL Laskiewicz. However, “Lifeline,” the first single on the group’s third album, “Dear Monsters,” proved the show must and did go on. The remaining members of Bad Wolves noted the shift in energy praising their recordings with Laskiewicz as some of the best in their catalog.

2. Sober

Former lead singer Tommy Vext struggled with addiction. The lyrics in this song weave a sad story of what it’s like when someone faces these issues and the family’s agony. Many songs about similar topics don’t house the rawness and brutal honesty contained in these verses. One of the most powerful parts of the song is the opening line that proclaims addiction doesn’t choose someone based on a factor like race, gender, or religion.

1. Zombie

Bad Wolves’ cover of the iconic Cranberries song dropped days after the death of frontwoman Dolores O’Rioridan, originally slated to record backing vocals. Bad Wolves frontman Tommy Vext was moved by her stirring lyrics and wanted to create a version that celebrated the original. However, the surviving members of the Cranberries weren’t impressed. Critics and fans disagreed, and the song became the group’s first number-one single. All the proceeds from the recording went to O’Rioridan’s children.

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