The 10 Best Five Finger Death Punch Songs of All-Time

Five Finger Death Punch

Throughout their lengthy tenure, Five Finger Death Punch have proven to be a force of vengeance in the hard rock/heavy metal genre. The band has relentlessly released album after album since 2005 and refuses to stop or slow down anytime soon. In fact, they’re currently working on another album that’s slated for release in 2022. With such an extensive discography, it can be very difficult to figure out where to start. In this article, we’ll rank the 10 best songs of all time by Five Finger Death Punch.

10. “Gone Away”


Released in 2017 off ‘A Decade Of Destruction’, this song is a newer favorite for fans of Five Finger Death Punch. The song is essentially about a person that just wants to escape from their problems and live out their dream. Though the song doesn’t exactly sound like it has much of a message, it’s definitely still a solid track with the catchy chorus, among other things. Five Finger Death Punch sounds great performing this one live as well and delivers a strong performance overall. The guitar work on this track is also absolutely amazing, as you could tell from the tone of the article’s first paragraph.

9. “Sham Pain”


With the release of the band’s 2017 album ‘A Decade Of Destruction’, this song is on that album and it’s definitely one of the best ones on here. It was the second single that was released following “Gone Away”. This song is arguably about feeling betrayed by your significant other, as we can gather from the title and lyrics. The vocal performance on this song from singer Ivan Moody is also one of the best ones from him, as he delivers another strong performance on this track.

8. “The Bleeding”


The lead single from the band’s first EP ‘Pre-Emptive Strike’, this song is a classic song that deserves to be on any good list of the best Five Finger Death Punch songs. It was released in 2008 and it’s still a fan favorite to this day. The track features raspy vocals from Ivan Moody that give the song such an intense tone. The bass work on this song is also amazing, as the guitar work doesn’t really get going until later in the song. The guitar solo at the end of this track is awesome, as well—probably one of the best solos of the band’s career.

7. “Wrong Side Of Heaven”


This song was released in 2013 off of the band’s third studio album ‘The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell Vol. 1’. This is one of the stand-out tracks from this album, as it featured a much harder edge than previous releases at the time. It features a catchy chorus and some excellent riff work from guitarist Zoltan Bathory. The drums on this track are also one of the highlights, as they contribute to making this one of the best songs from their entire discography.

6. “Coming Down”


This song was the third single off of the band’s 2012 album ‘American Capitalist’. The song features an excellent rhythm from drummer Jeremy Spencer, who is also an accomplished musician outside of his work in the band. The bass work on this track is also one of the best parts about it, as it doesn’t really stand out too much on the single or album version. The chorus itself is amazing and features some lyrics that really hit you.

5. “Darkness Settles In”


Off their 2020 album, ‘F8’, this is one of the best tracks to come out of that album, as it features Ivan Moody’s best vocals on the entire album. The drums are excellent throughout the song, and the guitar work at parts is also really well done. One of their best songs to date, this track really stands out on their full discography even though it was released off of their third album.

4. “Jekyll And Hyde”


Off the 2015 album ‘Got Your Six’, Ivan Moody’s voice is more tuned to this album than the previous one, and it really shows in songs like this where he can let loose a bit. The chorus is extremely catchy, as well as the verses. The guitar work on this track is also very well done, and the drumming is excellent as well. The song itself talks about a struggle with substance abuse, which Ivan Moody went through before he joined Five Finger Death Punch in 2004.

3. “Inside Out”


Another off their 2020 album ‘F8’, this song has a very different sound to the rest of the album, being a much heavier song. The lyrics of this song are about a person going through tough times, and they finally come to the point where there is no turning back. It contains heavy guitar work and excellent drumming as well. Revolver Mag commends them for their symphonic style on this song.

2. “Wash It All Away”


This song is about the band rising above their past and moving on from their problems. The verse sums up how they have felt in the past, but then goes on to say how things need to be put behind them. It came off their 2015 record ‘Got Your Six’. It was premiered via Blabbermouth with high acclaim.

1. “Bad Company”


This song was released off of the band’s 2010 album ‘War Is the Answer’. It’s an excellent song, featuring some great lyrics and an amazing vocal performance from Ivan Moody. This hit is definitely one of the band’s best songs to date, as it delivers a good beat and overall sound that make this song one of their most popular tracks. What many don’t realize is its actually a cover, as noted by Yell Magazine.

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