Iron Maiden guitarist Adrian Smith shares first song he learned

Iron Maiden guitarist Adrian Smith shares the first song he learned to play on guitar. He also announces to first play guitar song “Silver Machine” by Hawkwind.

Adrian Frederick “H” Smith born in 1957 is an English guitarist and member of the Iron Maiden band. We know he writes songs, lyrics and performs live backing vocals on some Maiden tracks. He joins all the Iron Maiden with The Number of the Beast (1982) album after leaving school. Adrian Smith and the rest of Maiden band members are rumored to have completed work on a new studio album. They probably to be released later this year.

Smith also earlier talks with Andertons Music Co and replied:

“Deep Purple, ‘Machine Head’ era, Free band, ‘Free Live’ [with Paul] Kossoff, HUMBLE PIE, going back a bit now. All sort of English raucous kind of bands. When [I] started out playing, [I] played The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. Because they were a few chords; it was easy. And twelve-bar blues — that’s how we started.”

We also know some rumors of a new Maiden album are true, it will mark the band’s 17th studio effort and the sixth to be produced by Shirley. He also worked with Iron Maiden for the past two decades. You can watch the First Song I Learned on Guitar: Adrian Smith below.

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