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Lzzy Hale: “We are technically working on a new HALESTORM music”

Lzzy Hale just announced the HALESTORM working on a new record. She also talks about ongoing pandemic to compose new material.

After the band follow-up to 2018’s “Vicious” album they working on a new project and music. However, during the pandemic suspended all the live events and HALESTORM members speed up to work for their upcoming album. HALESTORM’s frontman Lzzy Hale recently involved some of the projects like The Hu’s “Song of Women” track and Evanescence vocalist Amy Lee feat “Break In” video.

During the Zoom interview on Rock Sound, Lzzy Hale reveals some of the details about the new record:

“I’ve been writing, honestly, some of the best songs I’ve ever written, because I’ve just had the time, and there isn’t any deadline and nobody’s breathing down my neck, saying, ‘Hey, where are those demos?’, I haven’t been home without a gig for this long in probably over 15 years, so that’s a strange thing. I think in one way, I have the time, but in another way, I’m seeking that high out, I’m seeking that joy that I find from playing out live every night. I’m not writing for any other reason.

I’m not writing for a deadline, I’m not writing for a record, even though technically I am; we are technically working on a new HALESTORM record. But I’m writing from such a position of joy right now, literally just getting excited about some small piece of music. And I’m taking more risks now because I have space and the time and I’ve settled into something. And I’m not even quite sure what that is, and I feel like it’s gonna reveal itself maybe later, but right now, I’m in it, and it’s exciting. ”

Lzzy Hale also added:

“I have a lot that’s fully tracked. It’s kind of been a relay sport, because we’re not all in the same room. So how it’s pretty much been going is that, obviously, I have a studio down here, but I have two writing stations upstairs — one by a piano and then one just a simple rock rig with a guitar. So basically, I’ve been writing the song in its entirety in how I see fit, and then I pass the baton to my guitar player, and then I pass the baton to our rhythm section, and then we discuss it later. It’s been really exciting.

We have a lot that’s finished, which I think is awesome. With this pandemic and the future kind of being unknown, at least for me, the way I’m feeling is that I’m living in the now. I’m, like, hey, if this is the last song I ever write right now, I’m gonna finish it and I’m gonna enjoy every bit of it. I’m not gonna settle. I’m not writing for radio or what I think the fans wanna hear or what I think our label wants to hear, our management – whatever it is – I’m writing from an element of my truth. I’ve always done that, but I think it’s just peeling back another layer of that onion.”

Halestorm Reimagined” collection album already out on August 14th, 2020. You can watch the full interview below.

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