The 10 Best Poppy Songs of All Time


Many people have never heard of Poppy. Although she has been around for a few years, her fame was only recognized when the video “Poppy – Computer Boy” went viral on YouTube and racked up over 100 million views in one week. In this blog post, we will discuss the ten best poppy songs of all time.

10. Say Cheese


The lyrics of this song are about someone who is telling somebody that they want them to say cheese and take a picture, but then the person’s phone goes off in their pocket. They keep pushing buttons on it before finally getting out; as soon as she does, it turns into “I still love you” because this person can’t stop thinking about them. The lyrics of this song are about not wanting to go home and wishing they could escape everything that happened today; the singer sings, “I want you to take me away,” as she talks about how it feels like nothing will ever be okay again. It’s a sorrowful-sounding song with slow piano chords in the background.

9. Fear of Dying


This is a song about the fear of dying, and it’s not one that you would expect from Poppy. The lyrics are raw and honest to explain what this feeling feels like. It has an acoustic guitar backing her voice with some strings in the background; there is also a banjo melody throughout the chorus, making for a catchy pop song.

8. Eat


The lyrics of this song are about how it feels like you’re always waiting for something to happen or just trying your best to get through the day without feeling so bad. It talks about wanting someone else in their life and not doing anything on their own anymore. The chorus repeats “eat, play sleep” as the singer sings about how they need something else in their life; it’s a sad-sounding song. The lyrics of this song are about not wanting to be alone and feeling like you’re the only one who understands what somebody feels when things go wrong. It talks about being alone for too long and not having anybody else there and how it feels to be completely alone.

7. I Am a Girl


The lyrics of this song are about how the person singing isn’t a girl anymore, and they’re not sure who they are. It talks about wanting somebody else in their life to make them feel like themselves, but after everything that’s happened, it doesn’t seem possible. The chorus repeats “I am a girl” as the singer sings about how they feel like it’s too late for them.

6. Play Destroy


The lyrics of this song are written from the perspective of a partner who’s trying to understand what their significant other wants from them. It talks about how you’re “not looking for promises” and just want someone who will be there through it all; it seems like they’ve been hurt before or never really felt loved by anyone else. This song is about someone who’s lost hope and doesn’t know what to do next; everything seems like it’s going wrong in their life, but they’re still waiting for the times when things will be okay. This person just wants an escape from reality—they want something that’ll make them forget all this pain. The chorus repeats “I’m counting down” as they sing about how this person needs a little time to clear their head. According to, this is another sad-sounding song that starts with the singer singing in Spanish before switching over to English for some verses; it talks about someone who has been waiting for them but still can’t meet up and someone else who has been waiting for them.

5. All the Things She Said


This song has been referenced in the lyrics of many other themes. This is a catchy pop song with English and Russian verses that are lyrical opposites to create an intense contrast. It’s about the way someone can say things without even speaking or not saying anything at all.

4. Blood money


According to, this song is about an ex-boyfriend who betrayed the singer’s trust in a relationship—trying to use her own money against her. The lyrics are relatable and talk about how someone can be so close but still feel like they’re strangers; it seems like this person has been hiding their true self from you for some time. It’s a sad-sounding song with an acoustic guitar backing the singer as she sings about how they were living in denial of what was going on and not seeing who this person is. The chorus repeats “your blood money” before repeating that it will never happen again—it’s one of those songs that you can’t help but feel something deeply from.

3. I disagree


This song is about disagreements between two people. It’s a catchy and upbeat track that builds up to an electronic sound with fuzzy synths in the background, giving it a very modern pop feel. The lyrics are deep and easy to relate to as they ask for understanding from someone who disagrees with you. The chorus is the most repetitive in the song, with a few different verses are sung at first before coming back to say, “I disagree.” over and over. The lyrics of this song are about how someone might avoid you because they don’t want to be lonely; it’s about loneliness and not being enjoyed by others. This is a sad-sounding pop ballad with sad lyrics that is a little hard to listen to, but they’re catchy and have an uplifting chorus. The song’s structure is interesting as it starts out sounding like it will be heavy throughout the whole track before turning into something more poppy in the second verse. This makes for a dynamic pop ballad where you don’t know what to expect.

2. I’m Poppy


This is the title track for her debut studio album and has a lot of meaning behind it. It talks about being in your bubble and feeling like you’re not even there; it’s a song about wanting to be someone else so bad that they can’t see who they are anymore. The chorus repeats “I’m poppy,” and the lyrics talk about trying so hard to keep going but not being able to do it anymore. The lyrics of this song are written from the perspective of a person who is telling someone else what they need from them; they’re asking for somebody who will be there through their lows and highs with love.

1. X


This song is about someone who doesn’t seem interested in other people and doesn’t understand why. The singer sings that he’s “Been waiting for you,” but she never showed up; it seems like the two might have originally been friends or met at some point before this moment of confusion.


The songs on Poppy’s debut album are about dealing with one’s self. They’re all different and have their meaning, but they all talk about wanting somebody else to help them out of whatever is going on in their life.

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