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Marty Friedman Reveals What Do You Think About METALLICA

Marty Friedman shares his feelings about what do you think METALLICA band. Former MEGADETH solo-guitarist recently talked on the “Speak N’ Destroy” podcast program.

He is the old member of the big four thrash metal legends MEGADETH and now he continues his solo career. Now, he reveals his feelings and how discover KISS, first listen to the METALLICA demo, Kill ‘Em All, Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets songs. And, behind-the-scenes similarities between METALLICA and MEGADETH what makes “Enter Sandman” and “Through the Never” so funny to the Japanese public show, and talked about many things.

In a recent interview with the “Speak N’ Destroy” podcast program, Marty Friedman talked about METALLICA and more:

“When I heard the METALLICA demo, I was like, ‘This is it, these are the guys!’ It sounded like punk-rock, but it sounds like metal, and it just kills – this is it. I remember I just loved that demo a lot – I just thought they were the shit. At that time, even in the USA, no one knew who the Scorpions were, Judas Priest, or any of those bands – it was a niche market.

There were some maniacs who knew that stuff and that was it, but in Hawaii, forget about it. There was really nothing – and not only that, but there was just no one who cared in the slightest about what we were doing.

“So we could send tapes out to people in Europe and Japan and America, underground people would rave about this stuff. I was a huge fan of the demo, but I was completely blind-sighted when ‘Kill ‘Em All’ came out. I thought the music was so uncommercial, that these guys would never in a million years get a record deal. I just liked it too much, so there was no way – I mean, what was on the charts back then, Duran Duran and stuff like that, right? I never ever dreamed that it would ever come out. I mean, if it did come out, it would come out on some indie thing…

Then Marty Friedman also added:

“When I saw the record in an actual record store – in Hawaii no less – I’m like, I just could not freaking believe it. And I’m like – it was the coolest thing ever. It kind of made me think, ‘Well, if this happens, then maybe someday I might have a shot of getting out of the complete underground.’ Because nothing was more underground than Metallica at that time, they were just doing underground better than anybody else at the time – or at least in my particular taste. I was just blown away – I was shocked, I was happy. I was a bit jealous because up until that point, we were kind of in the same circles.

We’d be in the same fanzines and stuff, and there would be a review of a Metallica demo, there would be a review of a Vixen demo, kind of in the same thing. I did know – I thought they were so much cooler than the bands I was making, but I didn’t see it coming that they were gonna get a record and have the record sound that good and look that good and just be that cool right at that point. So I was blown away, just stoked that the world was ready to start accepting some heavy metal music, for better or for worse.”

You can also watch Marty Friedman – “MIRACLE” music video below! And, order his “Tokyo Jukebox 3” on here.

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