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Blackberry Smoke

Blackberry Smoke is a rock band that was formed in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2000. The band consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Charlie Starr, vocalist and bassist Richard Turner, drummer Brit Turner, keyboardist Brandon Still, and Pall Jackson on guitar and backing vocals. Although this is the main lineup when recording music, there are additional band members for tours. These include guitarist Benji Shanks and percussionist Preston Holcomb. Since Blackberry Smoke was founded, they have released seven studio albums, two live albums, five EPs, and 23 singles. Although the band released their debut album in 2003. However, they did not achieve chart and commercial success until they released their third album in 2012. Here are all the Blackberry Smoke studio albums ranked.

7. The Whippoorwill (2012)


‘The Whippoorwill’ was Blackberry Smoke’s third studio album, and it was released in 2012. It was their first album to chart in the United States. It peaked at number eight on the Top Country Albums chart, number 10 on the US Independent Albums chart, and number 12 on the US Rock Albums chart. The album was also a top 40 hit on the Billboard 200. The first single released from the album was ‘Pretty Little Lie,’ which is the only single released by Blackberry Smoke that has charted, peaking at number 36 on the US Country Airplay chart. They followed this with the release of the album’s second single, ‘Ain’t Much Left of Me.’ ‘The Whippoorwill’ was re-released in 2014 with additional live tracks including ‘Country Side of Life,’ ’Pretty Little Lie,’ and ‘Six Ways to Sunday.’

6. You Hear Georgia (2021)


Blackberry Smoke’s seventh and most recent studio album is ‘You Hear Georgia.’ The band released four singles from this album. First, they released the title track from the album. This single was followed by ‘Hey Delilah,’ ‘Ain’t the Same,’ and ‘All Rise Again.’ The album was a top ten hit on both the country and rock album charts in the United States, although it only reached number 17 on the UK album chart and number 55 on the Billboard 200. According to Rock and Blues Muse, the style of music on this album pays homage to the state of Georgia and its culture, along with the band’s roots. There are some collaborations on the album, as it features background vocals from The Black Bettys and special guests Jamey Johnson and Warren Haynes.

5. Bad Luck Ain’t No Crime (2003)


Blackberry Smoke’s debut album was ‘Bad Luck Ain’t No Crime,’ which they released in 2003. Like many debut albums released by little-known bands, the album did not chart. The band did not release any singles from this album, and it was another six years before they recorded another studio album. The tracklist includes a couple of songs that were recorded live.

4. Find a Light (2018)


The sixth album released by Blackberry Smoke was ‘Find a Light.’ It was the band’s third consecutive album to top the UK album charts and their second to reach number two on the Independent Albums chart in the United States. The album also peaked at number three on the Top Country Albums chart. Blackberry Smoke self-produced the band, and all the tracks were written or co-written by Charlie Starr. The singles released from the album included ‘Flesh and Bone,’ ’Best Seat in the House,’ ‘Let Me Down Easy,’ ‘I’ll Keep Ramblin’.’

3. Holding All the Roses (2015)


Blackberry Smoke achieved their first-topping album with the release of ‘Holding All the Roses’ in 2015. Not only did it top the Country Albums chart in the United States, but it is also topped the UK Rock Albums chart. It also charted in the top 100 in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland. The band released only one single from the album, which was ‘Living in the Song.’ Madden NFL, an American football sports video game, features the album’s title track. All the songs on the album were written solely by Charlie Starr, except ‘Lay It All on Me,’ which he co-wrote with Travis Meadows.

2. Like an Arrow (2016)


In terms of commercial success, ‘Like an Arrow’ is the best Blackberry Smoke album. It was the band’s fifth studio album, and they released it in 2016. Blackberry Smoke topped both the US Top Country Albums chart and the UK Rock Albums chart for the second time. The album was also a top ten hit on the UK Albums chart and the country and rock charts in the United States. Blackberry Smoked self-produced the album, and all the tracks were written or co-written by Charlie Starr. Although Starr had written some new material, they did not intend to release an album until they started practicing the tracks. The lead single from the album was ‘Waiting for the Thunder.’ There is also a duet with Gregg Allman called ‘Free on the Wing.’ The band’s drummer, Brit Turner, designed the artwork for the album cover.

1. Little Piece of Dixie (2009)


According to Best Ever Albums, the best Blackberry Smoke studio album is ‘Little Piece of Dixie.’ It was Blackberry Smoke’s second studio album, and it was released in 2009, six years after the band released their debut album. Although the album did not chart, it remains a firm fan favorite. From this album, the band released the single ‘Good One Comin’ On,’ which was also the band’s debut single. Unfortunately, their debut single did not chart in the United States.

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