Whatever Happened to Kat Stacks?

Kat Stacks

Kat Stacks, whose real name is Andrea Herrera was the bad girl who shook up the hip hop industry. According to this site, Kat Stacks was born in 1989 in Venezuela. The internet personality is well-known for bringing up controversy in the pop culture universe. She has appeared in several videos on YouTube that have gone viral. She also appears often on World Star Hip Hop. She emigrated to the U.S.A when she was 8 years old and she is a mother to a boy. Around 2020, many rappers did not want to mention her name because she wanted to expose the ostensible taboos that occur in that industry. According to this site, many rappers, including Nelly, Bow Wow and Cash Money crew members were under fire in a series if beefs and call outs that appeared in social media. She soon became an admired lady in hip hop, in particular circles of the industry. However, it turns out that it was part of a more detailed story whereby Kat was the real victim. When Kat was a teenager, she was forced into sex trafficking. Later, she broke some immigration laws and was imprisoned for three years.

Several issues are involved in Kat’s story, including:

  • Unfair deportation procedures
  • Sex trafficking within USA borders

Women’s exploitation in the music industry

Kat has faced problems that many people face. Before condemning anyone for their appearance, behavior or actions, it is advisable to reserve judgement until you are sure why that it is the case. She grew up in North Miami after she arrived there when she was eight years old. She wrote about her problems in a tell out book called Admire Andrea: Surviving Surgery released in 2014. Here is more about her.

She faced problems during her teen years

Kat says that she was physically abused in her home in North Miami where she resided with her grandmother, mother and two uncles. Her mother was rarely at home and her grandmother had mental problems.

Her opinion about the pimp game

Kat was stuck as she walked the streets and found that the pimp game did not resemble the seedy glamor which is often displayed in pop culture. The pimp game is generally a mental game. The pimps have the girl’s minds and they never leave because they think it is love. Their self-esteem is also low and they lack the strength inside to get up and leave. She said that even though some women who were in the pimp game got some mental strength to leave, it is not easy to do so. Some pimps are honest and just tell their girls to leave, and they do not care. However, there are some who she referred as gorilla pimps who tell their girls that they cannot leave unless they shoot them dead.

How she got out

Kat managed to get out of the pimp game but it was not through a sympathetic trick, the kindness of friends or colleagues or even non-profits. Although there are organizations that help women to get out of that kind of life, Kat says she would not have known how to look for such an organization. She says that probably no one would have assisted her those days. Her mind was so gone and she has a relationship with a pimp who was not ready to let her go. She suffered from solitude in her mind. To get out of the pimp game, she displayed a firearm. She was 19 years of age at the moment. The authorities attempted to deport Kat, but they released her since she was expectant. To avoid deportation, they asked her to stay with her family without the firearm. The pimp would not come close to her and due to her family’s support and love as well as the baby, it was a different experience from what she was used to.

Drama for Pageviews

While she was under house arrest, she got bored. That’s why she decided to create some profane videos that went viral on WorldStarHipHop. She exposed some of the bedroom secrets of rappers. People had to guess if Kat Stacks was a side chick, an escort or video model. She kept it ambiguous and it was meant to gain pageviews on WorldStarHipHop. When asked to elaborate more about the issue, she said that it was all about entertainment. However, Kat says that this issue came back to haunt her in court. Throughout the entire episode, she completed her house arrest time and later embarked on a promotional club tour, which cashed on her notoriety.

Locked up for three years

Although she had arrived to the United Sates legally, neither her or her mum had gotten naturalized by 2010. That’s why she faced deportation because of a felony charge. The charge came under duress since she was forced to be a prostitute. Kat and Eduardo C. Fuentes, her immigration attorney tried to fight deportation proceedings. She attempted to enjoy what may have been her last days in the USA. After that, a paperwork mix up caused her to miss a vital court date. As she attempted to leave Nashville TN on November 5, 2010, she was arrested and placed on an indefinite immigration hold. She served 3 years in jail and her status remained indefinite even if she had not committed another crime. She was going to be released but they did not do so since the prosecutors showed her videos in court. The judge said it was rebellious and tried to deport her. They tried to appeal again. The spoke about it on the media and it even got the attention of Obama. Due to the mess that started, the court released her because the judges and prosecutor were tired of the media’s recklessness. A judge released Kat and granted her amnesty as a victim of underage sex trafficking.

Surviving savagery

Kat Stacks is willing to change her character for the better. She is ready to do so using her massive following on social media platforms. She currently has over 450,000 followers on Twitter and over 93,5000 followers on Instagram. She plans to write a book, open a foundation and a shelter for survivors of sex trafficking.

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