Elijah Kyle Releases New Album Titled “True Colors” And it is Truly a Banger

elijah kyle true colors

Rapper Elijah Kyle has finally released his brand new album called “True Colors” on music streaming services everywhere, including Apple Music and Spotify. Elijah Kyle’s new album features a total of 23 songs for a total runtime of 1 hour and 11 minutes of sheer brilliance and variety. I was first introduced to Elijah Kyle through a feature on a Justin Stone song titled “Antidote” and ever since hearing his verse on that, I was hooked. After first discovering Kyle, he’s been on a non-stop grind dropping song after song on a weekly basis. True Colors is Kyle’s second project of 2021 and it’s only May! So, let’s take a look into what Elijah Kyle has given us with his latest album released on May 7, 2021!

True Colors Track List

  1. Lone Wolf Intro
    1.  Lone Wolf Intro goes super hard, and I didn’t expect anything like this from an intro. The flow switches up out of nowhere and what he does with the whole thing is just incredible.
  2. Raindrops
    1.  Raindrops is definitely a lot more mellow than Lone Wolf Intro and taps into Kyle’s real side. This song feels real, as it’s about feeling overwhelmed by everything around you and feeling like you’re caught up in everything without any control. Definitely one of Kyle’s best.
  3. Dark Skies
    1.  After listening to Track 3, Dark Skies, I can tell that this album is definitely going to be one of the most hard-hitting albums I’ve heard in a while. “I suppress my true emotions just to use them as a crutch,” this line really stuck out to me, as I’m sure it will with many people who have dealt with some things that this song (and really, most of the album) is about.
  4. Another Mistake
    1.  Another Mistake is one of the shortest songs on the album (tied with Country Roads Interlude), but that doesn’t stop it from being just as powerful as the rest. Even the instrumentals behind his voice really reflect the pain that he felt while writing this song.
  5. Addicted To My Sorrows
    1.  Addicted To My Sorrows is where Kyle really switches things up with True Colors, because this track isn’t rap, but rather a bit of a mix of pop-punk and hip-hop. I definitely think this song could have been a total banger if it had went all-out with the energy and emotion, but I respect the decision to keep it a little bit more toned down to fit (most of) the album.
  6. Twenty Two
    1.  Twenty Two takes us back to the classic Elijah Kyle with the classic rap flow. This one feels like a diss track and he definitely comes for whoever it’s directed at without holding back.
  7. Highest Cloud (feat. The Love Dolphin Project)
    1.  Highest Cloud takes us back down with another soft track that feels more like a vibe that you can relax to, rather than an all-out headbanger. Both are definitely what I have come to expect from Elijah and he doesn’t disappoint with either one. Highest Cloud is such a cool song, and I love the video for it as well. Of course, who can forget the chorus from The Love Dolphin Project??
  8. Soul Searching 2
    1.  Soul Searching is all about loving yourself and figuring out your place in life. With this track, Elijah just keeps on surprising me, with that bit of synth placed throughout – I just don’t know what to expect from him anymore. Amazing.
  9. Brown Eyes
    1.  Brown Eyes is one of those songs that I can just see being played on a late night car ride at 2 am with the windows down, as you just get completely lost in the music. That’s the kind of vibe that I get from Brown Eyes.
  10. Rolling Stone Days
    1. Rolling Stone Days is all about overcoming the hate and everyone that has doubted you, and pushing through all of that. It’s about reflecting on how you’ve become successful even in spite of being told you won’t amount to anything. At least for me, personally, I’m taking it as a message to not let anyone stop you from obtaining your dreams, because one day you’ll look back on the past and you’ll be reminded of when you were just a little rolling stone.
  11. Long time coming (feat. Gatsb7)
    1.  Long time coming was one of the very first Elijah Kyle songs that I had ever heard after discovering him as an artist, so this one holds a special place in my heart. It’s still definitely one of my favorites and Gatsb7 lends a great talent on the track.
  12. Country Roads Interlude
    1.  I think that Elijah definitely played this song on the back of a pickup truck. I don’t know why, I just see “Country Roads” and my mind immediately thinks pickup truck. This is the other shortest song on the album, and it’s a nice little short and sweet tune.
  13. Hideaway (feat. Cole Morehead)
    1.  Hideaway is also by far one of my favorite songs by Elijah Kyle. It’s got just about everything that I expect from him: a mellow chorus, verses that go stupid hard, and then to bring it all together there’s a very soothing acoustic guitar over the beat. It all just comes together very nicely.
  14. Alone (feat. The Love Dolphin Project)
    1.  Alongside being featured on Highest Cloud, The Love Dolphin Project is featured on Alone as well, and it’s another pretty mellow song that fits perfectly on the album.
  15. I’m not okay but still I dream (feat. SkyDxddy)
    1. Probably my favorite line in this track is “I just wanna run where the demons don’t chase.” This song is so powerful and is definitely a top 5 on True Colors for me.
  16. Man Down (feat. Jerome the Prince & Abstract)
    1.  Man Down is another solid entry into Elijah Kyle’s latest album, True Colors, and Jerome the Prince and Abstract are also both very welcome additions on the track.
  17. Phase (feat. Conscience)
    1.  Phase is probably my favorite song on the entire album, by a long shot. The beat, the flow, the introduction to Conscience, everything about this song is just spot-on and I love it.
  18. Not What It Seems
    1. Not What It Seems seems like a very down to earth track, it’s peaceful even if the theme of the song is about fighting your demons. Another solid track.
  19. Tragic Ending
    1. Tragic Ending is another one of Elijah’s softer songs that doesn’t go after a hard-hitting beat, or anything like that, it just tells a story.
  20. Letter To My Younger Self
    1. NF did a song like this called “Nate” and I loved that track, because it really answers the question of “If you could go back in time and talk to yourself as a kid, what would you say.” Elijah Kyle’s “Letter To My Younger Self” does the exact same, with Kyle’s own spin on it.
  21. Butterflies
    1. Butterflies has one of my favorite choruses on the album, and it shows Kyle’s ability to mix up his sound rather than sticking with the same thing each song.
  22. Redemption (feat. Christian Allain)
    1. The penultimate track featured on True Colors, Redemption, is another solid song that serves as a self-reflection of life and accepting decisions that you’ve made to get where you’re at in life. It’s a really thoughtful track that is only improved by Christian Allain’s feature.
  23. True Colors Outro
    1. We’ve now arrived to the final track on Elijah Kyle’s latest album, True Colors Outro, and it really ties the whole thing together. If you’re more into Kyle’s rapper side, this will definitely be a track for you.

Elijah Kyle tells the story of his life with True Colors, and it is truly a masterpiece. I’m not claiming to think that I know exactly what these songs are actually about, all I know is the way that I’ve interpreted them for myself. Overall, True Colors really shows off the real Elijah Kyle, and demonstrates exactly what he’s capable of, and shows that you can never know what to expect when he drops a project.

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