Eskimo Callboy Releases New Version of Hype Track “Hypa Hypa”

Eskimo Callboy has recently made a very big name for themselves in the Metal scene with their debut EP with new singer Nico Sallach titled “MMXX.” They’ve since released a new version of the song “Hypa Hypa” off of their upcoming EP “MMXX – Hypa Hypa Edition.” Fitting, right? So, what’s up with this new version of the hype track?

Hypa Hypa feat. Saltatio Mortis

This new version of the track features German medieval metal group called “Saltatio Mortis.” Ironically enough, their name in Latin translates to “dance of death” which is ironic, because I will be dancing myself to death while listening to this song on repeat for the next week straight. I can definitely pick up on some of the medieval metal tones in this version of Hypa Hypa, and I dig it. It’s got a bit of “folkiness” (is that a word?) to it, which isn’t at all surprising as Eskimo Callboy has collaborated with Folk guitarist, Tobias Rauscher, quite a bit in the past, on several tracks including the acoustic version of “The Devil Within” (you can find the YouTube video for that gem right here) as well as “Prism” which is one of my all time favorite Eskimo Callboy songs. With Eskimo Callboy’s latest collaboration with Saltatio Mortis, we also got a brand new music video that shows off lead singer of Saltatio Mortis, Alea der Bescheidene, as the band attempts to keep up with Eskimo Callboy performing Hypa Hypa. In the end, Nico and David from Eskimo Callboy end up transforming Bescheidene into one of their own and it’s just a really amusing video all around – I highly recommend watching it.

Hypa Hypa feat…..Bagpipes?

Yep – I was just as surprised as you are that Eskimo Callboy’s new version of “Hypa Hypa” featuring Saltatio Mortis also features bagpipes of all instruments. I’m also surprised that it….works? It’s definitely different from the original version which features more electronic keyboards than anything else, but hearing bagpipes in the background of this hardcore club song is just the funniest thing to me, and I love it.

MMXX – Hypa Hypa Edition

With a name like “Hypa Hypa Edition,” this new version of Eskimo Callboy’s MMXX EP definitely doesn’t disappoint – and it’s not even out yet. Of the thirteen total songs, eight of them are different versions of Hypa Hypa. There’s the original version, Hypa Hypa by Eskimo Callboy & Saltatio Mortis, Hypa Hypa feat. The BossHoss, Hypa Hypa by Eskimo Callboy & 275ers, Hypa Hypa featuring Sasha, Hypa Hypa (Gestört aber GeiL Remix), Hypa Hypa by Eskimo Callboy and We Butter the Bread with Butter, and finally Hypa Hypa by Eskimo Callboy & Axel One. That is a whole lot of Hypa Hypa.

I have to say, I was not expecting this at all, but I am loving every single second of it. Eskimo Callboy has become one of my favorite bands ever since they released the original version of Hypa Hypa in early 2020, and I honestly can’t wait to see what else Eskimo Callboy has in store for us when MMXX – Hypa Hypa Edition releases on May 21, 2021.

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