Ranking All the Songs from The A Week Away Soundtrack

Kevin Quinn

A week away is a musical teen film that was released on 26th March 2021. It’s about a juvenile delinquent (Will Hawkins) who opts to attend a Christian camp for a week in lieu of facing criminal charges for committing hilarious-willful offenses. Besides stealing a cop’s car, Will attempts to sell his high school on Craigslist. At first, out of place, he tries to blend in, then he finds love and a sense of belonging in the summer camp, a place he never imagined would bring solace. This Christian musical is a charming movie featuring a toe-tapping soundtrack from the cast. That explains why many people eagerly await part 2 of this film- purported to be out mid-2023. That’s said, let’s rank all the tracks from the A Week Away soundtrack right away.

11. Best Thing Ever (Reprise) by Jahbril Cook, Bailee Madison, Kevin Quinn, Kat Conner Sterling & Iain Tucker


The song acknowledges that God guides us to the right paths if we let Him. It further calls us to accept ourselves and not focus on our flaws. It’s the song the teenagers sing during the closure of the summer camp.

10. Baby, Baby by Jahbril Cook & Kevin Quinn


Can you tell when God places someone in your life? It’s not easy unless you take time to study your past and present. However, crossing paths with someone who later turns to be the love of your life is never a coincidence but God’s plan. But the question is, how easy is it to express that love? This soundtrack conveys this message clearly when George hallucinates singing this song to Presley.

9. Where I Belong by Kevin Quinn


Habits that are hard to tame become history when you accept Christ in your life. You also find peace and acceptance that you’ve never experienced before. This song is relatable, especially to those who lived ungodly ways before seeking God. Things change; life becomes easier with God by your side, for He steers the wheel. Will sings this song after arguing with Avery, who drives away, leaving him alone.

8. Big House by Iain Tucker, Kevin Quinn, Jahbril Cook, Kat Conner Sterling & Bailee Madison


Here is a song that echoes the words in John 14: 2, ‘in my father’s house are many rooms.’ It talks about Heaven, the joy of being God’s child. It calls us to follow Christ and live according to His teachings, and we shall enjoy all the abundance there is in God’s House. It is heard during the competitions and as the teens play paintball in the camp. It also plays in the credits.

7. Dive by Kat Conner Sterling, Kevin Quinn, Jahbril Cook, Bailee Madison & Iain Tucker


This song is relatable to many Christians who’ve heard the voice of God speak to them. God talks to His followers in various ways, but only those keen to listen will hear His voice. Will doubted his decision and the outcome of his first camp, but he took a leap of faith, which turned out to be the best choice he ever made. He experienced the supernatural power of God and found a reason to live. It plays where Will runs to the diving tower. Also, the cast and the entire crew dance to the song at the beach.

6. Place In This World by Bailee Madison & Kevin Quinn


Ever felt lost and confused in life? This song reminds us to seek His light when we can’t figure out our purpose in this world. Often we rely on our own understanding and forget that God places us in every situation for a reason. Get on your knees when you feel hopeless and seek his direction and guidance. He (God) will show Himself to you and walk you to your destiny. Will and Avery are seated on a bench, then Avery starts to sing this song as she walks away, Will sings along, and the two dance together at the end.

5. The Great Adventure by Kevin Quinn, Iain Tucker, Jahbril Cook, Kat Conner Sterling & Bailee Madison


To Christians, a Bible is a guidance tool that they lean on to find answers and direction and nourish and strengthen their faith. The song talks about reading the Bible and discovering the great adventures God is calling you toward. Is it right to relate it to the scenes it appears where Will is not sure if to attend the summer camp? He’s then seen singing to the song while on the bus with the rest of the camping crew. While at the camp, he spots Avery (Bailee Madison), the teen camper he falls for.

4. Let’s Go Make A Memory by Kat Conner Sterling, Jahbril Cook, Kevin Quinn, Bailee Madison & Iain Tucker


If you’re ever hesitant to try something new but your instincts tell you to move on with the idea, sing to these lyrics “I got a feeling, Everything’s about to change.” This track is about following your gut feeling. The cast vocals on the song are just on point. Listen to this ballad, and you’ll get into a dancing mood if not foot-tapping. It features in the opening scene.

3. Good Enough by Iain Tucker, Kevin Quinn, Jahbril Cook, Kat Conner Sterling & Bailee Madison


A larger population nowadays puts a lot of value on physical beauty, but the words in this song override this conviction. The lyrics ‘God made you just how you should be’ serve as a wake-up call, especially young minds who think like they’re good enough. The song is relatable to many and teaches us to embrace ourselves with love and appreciation. It features where Will talks to George, convincing him he has what it takes to approach Presley (his crush). Both Will and George sing about Avery and Presley while the girls sing about them (Will and George).

2. Awesome God / God Only Knows by Iain Tucker, Kevin Quinn, Jahbril Cook, Kat Conner Sterling & Bailee Madison


The Awesome God song is a favorite song to many. It perfectly blends into the God Only Knows ballad to convey a powerful message that God is awesome and only Him knows what’s happening in your life and why. We seek answers from unreliable sources (other people) who only give solutions based on human understanding. Instead, we should look up to the Lord; He has the answers. The validation of others doesn’t matter, but that of God, for He alone knows the real you. It’s the song Avery sings to and other teens join as they enjoy the campfire.

1. Best Thing Ever (Stage Version) by Kevin Quinn


What else would one ask besides the love and peace that comes with being a Cristian? Every day becomes worth living knowing you’re not fighting the battles of life alone, but the Most High’ has strategized your life and will walk you the entire journey. It’s what this track is all about. It’s featured at the talent show, played by Kelvin and George, the guitarist.


The songs appearing on this film’s soundtrack are well picked and placed. They convey the story of the film, invoking the right emotions in every scene. That makes ‘A week away ‘ an interesting movie.

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