The 10 Best Cody Jinks Songs of All-Time

Cody Jinks

Cody Jinx was born on August 18, 1980, in Halton City, Texas. Currently, his style of music is described as alt-country, Americana, and country-rock. However, unlike many country artists, he started his career performing thrash metal. His first band was Unchecked Aggression, a metal band in Fort Worth, Texas.

However, in the late ’00s, he went back to his Texas upbringing and began releasing country music in the style of early honky-tonk balladeers like Hank Williams. Even though he released several indie albums, his sixth album, I’m Not The Devil, was the first to rise on Billboard Charts, peaking at number four. However, the previous year was when he found a spot on the Heatseekers Chart that helped usher in his country music success.

In 2018, he signed with Rounder Recorders. His first album with the label was Lifers, which rose to number 11 on Billboard’s Top 200 and number 2 on the country charts. IN 2019, he released two new albums, After The Fire and The Wanting, under his sub-label Cody Jinks Music. These are the ten best Cody Jinks songs of all time.

10. We Get By

Jinks’ voice sounds like Alan Jackson on this track. Lately, country music has strayed from its roots, with more songs crossing over to the pop charts and using tired stereotypes that create a disconnect. Many fans prefer the earlier crooners because there is an authenticity lacking in the new music. Even though Jinks is newer to the country music scene, his voice evokes bygone days when country music stayed true to its genre.

9. Lifers

The beginning of this song has a slightly darker sound. The depth and range of Jinks’ voice are highlighted on this track. As the lyrics progress, you hear a rawness and a vulnerability. His song pays tribute to dreamers and those who pursue their passions even at incredible odds. It’s also about those under challenging professions but is part of American history, like cowboys.

8. The Raven and The Dove

This song has more straightforward instrumentation than many of Jinks’ other songs. It’s one you might hear at The Bluebird Cafe with a group of musicians singing in the round. The lyrics are about finding peace within yourself and not wanting more than being at peace. The character in the song is flawed but knows that he has something to offer in life.

7. Cast No Stones

This song holds a simple message, be authentic in every aspect of your life. Even though we all make decisions we later regret, these lyrics are about staying true to ourselves and not judging others. Many country songs tackle Bible verses and the importance of faith. However, Jinks takes a more pragmatic approach to this song, encouraging people to use it to love and not condemn.

6. The Plea

Being burned out is one of the struggles many people face today because this world is so fast-paced. This song is more about knowing you can always go home and feeling alone than the struggle of not being able to go on with what you’re trying to accomplish. As the song progresses, the lyrics evolve to self-doubt and the negative things everyone tells themselves. Overall, it’s a meditation about walking through the storms of life.

5. William and Wanda

The lyrics in this song are about two people who reunite in heaven. As the lyrics progress, there is also a mention of a child who died young. Overall, it’s a sentimental track about what it might be like when we reach heaven. The second part of the song suggests that the flaws we hold on Earth are the ones that our deceased loved ones miss while they’re watching over us.

4. Loud and Heavy

The title of this song is about complications in life. Jinx adds the metaphor of rain and thunderstorm. It’s a universal analogy for life because most people can identify with a flash of lightning being a moment that appears out of nowhere, good or bad. The song’s refrain is the most poignant section of lyrics because it’s about the thin line we all walk with our emotions and the complication of deciding how we feel about a situation.

3. Give All You Can

The lyrics of this song are a common theme in Jinks’ songs, the inner monologue we all have and how it affects our daily life. Additionally, it’s another song about having strong faith in a force you can’t see. Even in the darkest moments when we are alone, we are constantly being watched over by our higher power or spiritual energy.

2. Hippies and Cowboys

The opening guitar chords and drum combination sounds similar to Hank Williams Jr. This song is about pursuing a path that many other people don’t understand. A listener can hear Jinks’ journey in these lyrics. Since he started as a heavy metal singer and pursued country music as a second career, he’s undoubtedly felt the strain of not fitting in or being seen as a tourist in the industry. Hippies and Cowboys are two conflicting countercultures and typically aren’t found in a country song together. This dichotomy reflects Jinks’ inclusion with two distinctly different musical genres.

1. Loveletters and Cigarettes

The lyrics are about a man who has been away from home and lost the love he wanted. Even though she has moved on, he hasn’t. Instead, he’s read her letters, and after three years apart, he realizes what he lost. The sad lilting violin echoes the loss the character in this song feels. As the lyrics progress, the music becomes more of a plea for the woman to take him back because he sees her face everywhere he goes. So many times, a relationship ends, but constant reminders of a person either in physical locations you visited or things a thousand miles away can haunt us, refusing to set us free from a relationship we once had.

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