The 10 Best Jordan Davis Songs of All-Time

Jordan Davis

Are you an American country pop music diehard? If so, you should be familiar with popular artists like Jordan Davis. Born on March 30, 1988, Davis is a renowned Universal Music Group Nashville MCA Nashville division’s member. According to Jordan Davis, music runs in the family because his brother (Jacob Davis) and Sister (Jentry) also specialize in country music. Here are 10 Jordan Davis songs of all time, starting from the worst to the best.

10. Singles You Up- Ryan Riback Remix


The “Singles You Up” song by Jordan Davis is perhaps one of the worst on this list because his vocal charisma isn’t to full potential. Though his voice contains some shades of Sam Hunt, he delivers more traditional than the former. When it comes to songwriting, most critics argue that the song is terrible. The song revolves around a guy trying to hit on a girl who already has a boyfriend. The guy hopes the girl will look for him if her relationship with the boyfriend doesn’t pull through. Considering how relationships are volatile nowadays, who’ll want to listen to another potential breakup song?

9. Lose You


“People break up, and fall out of love/ But giving up is something that I won’t do,” Jordan Davis sings. “Lose You” is perhaps one of the worst songs the singer has ever sung. Blame it on the fact that he released it during the COVID-19 pandemic era. The singer uses this song to inspire couples to hold on to relationships no matter how turbulent things are going. However, the song doesn’t depict real-life situations considering the rise in divorce cases and relationship breakups over the past years.

8. Cool Anymore ft Julia Michaels


Released on 8 November 2019, “Cool Anymore” is a song by Jordan Davis and Julia Michaels whose aim is to recognize female singers. Jordan has always looked up to Julia, and it didn’t long to decide to collaborate with her through this song. Davis sings about what happens when all the glam and glitz of being cool fades off and how love surpasses it all. He released the song strategically when the gender-breaking CMA awards came knocking.

7. Buy Dirt (Acoustic Version)


“Buy Dirt” is also a song by Jordan Davis that was released in 2020, at the time when the COVID-19 pandemic was wreaking havoc in the music industry. The producer utilizes a minimalist approach to the production, making the song sound lightweight. Its acoustic version with drum sets in the background until the second chorus. Critics argue that the less-is-more approach could be one of the selling points of the song, but the bright and breezy vibe takes attention away from the seriousness of the message.

6. Drink Had Me


“Hell, I was up to nothing. Just sitting home alone. Yeah, I was going to cash it in. About to put down my phone. And the message waiting. Them boys won’t let me sleep….” Davis Sings. “Drink had me” is an endearing song that depicts how partying can be a time-reliever. Davis is popularly known for instilling good drinking habits, a trait that has made him the darling of his fans.

5. Take it from Me


“Take it from Me” is another Jordan Davis Song that was released on 20 October 2017. The song made him bag the “Mediabase/Country Aircheck’s Most Heard New Artist of 2018” award from the Billboard’s Top New Country Artist of 2018. The singer has emerged as a hitmaker, allowing him to score the second chart-topping hit of his career with the propulsive romance of this song.

4. Almost Maybes


Davis may have made a wrong impression in country music as an entrant, but his song “Almost Maybes” disputes that fact. He wrote the song with the help of Hillary Lindsey and Jesse Frasure. According to WWD, the song revolves around the good, bad, and indifferent relationships that didn’t work out. His heavy usage of metaphors in the first verse is what makes the title stand out from the crowd.

3. Singles You Up


“Singles You Up” is a song written by Steven Dale Jones and Justin Ebach and recorded by Jordan Davis. He released it in June 2017. The song is about a man trying to woo a woman who is currently staying with another man. He categorically states that he’ll “singles her up” or leave her. His primary goal is to go after her boyfriend dumps her. Once the writers honed it up, they decided it was time to release it.

2. Slow Dance in a Parking Lot


“Slow Dance in a Parking Lot” is a country-pop song by Jordan Davis that was released in April 2019. Davis co-wrote the song alongside Lonnie Fowler, who came up with the idea after dancing with his wife on their first date in the parking lot. The song is popular among Davis fans, making it his second number one hit on the Billboard Country Airplay chart. Surprisingly, the song has landed a spot in Canada, ranking number 15 on the Canada Country Chart. It bagged a Platinum certification from Music Canada, receiving up to 80,000 units in sales.

1. Buy Dirt (Orginal Version)


“Buy Dirt” by Jordan Davis ft. Luke Bryan is a well-known country music song that was released on July 19, 2021. With the help of his brother (Jacob), Josh Jenkins and Matt Jenkins, Davis wrote this song purposely to depict the complete picture of country life and sagacity. If you’re a country music fanatic, you will find every bit of the words in this song relatable to country music.


Now that you have a glimpse of the 10 best Jordan Davis Songs, it’s time to create your playlist. While this list may depict the worst to the best, music plays out differently for everyone. What we consider bad might be music to your ears. We recommend you listen to all the songs on YouTube and come out with your verdict. Happy watching and listening!

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