The 10 Best Sam Hunt Songs of All-Time

Sam Hunt

Before embarking on a solo career, Sam Hunt wrote songs for the likes of Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban. After failing to make it in professional sports, Sam Hunt signed with MCA Nashville in 2014, releasing the album Montevallo. This album was something special, breaking several chart records. The track “Leave the Night On” peaked at number one on the Hot Country Songs and Country Airplay Charts, making him the first country artist to achieve the milestone since Billy Ray Cyrus, 22 years back. Sam Hunt doesn’t perform alone either, and his crew is composed of friends he lived with during college. Sam Hunt has successfully managed to fuse modern country music with R&B, which has positively influenced country music. In our countdown of the top ten Sam Hunt songs, we look at ten of his best songs so far. Here are the top ten Sam Hunt songs of all time.

10. Goodbye


Starting us off in the tenth position is the track, “Goodbye,” coming from Sam Hunt’s 2013 album, Between the Pines. The track is quite powerful and features some of the most masterful guitar presentations from Sam Hunt. The vocals are incredible, and at times, they outshine the guitar melodies.

9. House Party


When Sam Hunt began making it big as a live act, “House Party” was the number one part jam, and it’s no surprise that the song went on to become a double-platinum chart-topper. The song is less about having a party surrounded by friends and more about spending a night with someone you love while having loud music that wakes up your neighbors. The song features an acoustic guitar which drives the beat, and it remains Sam Hunt’s lightest song to date.

8. Breaking Up Was Easy in the 90’s


Well, I don’t know how true the song’s title is, but the number eight song on our countdown of the top ten Sam Hunt songs was a banger. Coming from Sam Hunt’s 2020 album, Southside, this song is a classic. The song speaks about how breaking up is so hard nowadays due to the influence of social media since your ex seems to move on faster. The song features melodies that are similar to his other song, “Break Up in a Small Town.”

7. Cop Car


This song was initially recorded and released by Keith Urban in 2013, although it was Sam Hunt who co-wrote the song alongside Matt Jenkins and Zach Crowell. Nevertheless, Sam Hunt decided to record the song which is contained in the album Montevallo. Although the Keith Urban song version sold over one million copies and was so good, Sam Hunt’s version is also quite interesting.

6. Speakers


Coming in at number six is the closing song to Sam Hunt’s debut album, Montevallo. In the song, Sam Hunt tells a tale of how he and his lover are all alone in the woods having fun with nothing but their speakers on. The slow-paced song is exquisitely produced and is one of Sam Hunt’s sexiest songs. The song has an R&B influence with minimal acoustic production and is definitely one of our favorite Sam Hunt songs.

5. Leave the Night On


According to Sam Hunt, “Leave the Night On” was a song that represented the whole album and captured all its elements. The song is about having a good time with your girl under the moonlight. The song has a similar theme to most other country songs, but you can see how creative Sam Hunt is in terms of pushing the boundaries. The track made its debut on the Country Aircheck Chart at #26, which was the highest entry for a new musician.

4. Saturday Night


The number four song on our countdown of the top ten Sam Hunt songs was part of his 2013 mixtape, Between the Lines. Although the song did not become part of his debut album, this song remains to be a must-play at his concerts. In the song, Sam Hunt displays his rap abilities with a quick rap break. The song contains some impressive lyrics, and there is no doubt that you will have a good time listening to it.

3. Break Up In a Small Town


The idea of this song came up one night when Sam Hunt was trying to develop song ideas. After this song, Sam Hunt made up his mind that he would no longer come up with break-up songs. The song contained an R&B influence and was inspired by his breakup with Hannah Lee Fowler, his girlfriend at the time. The lyrics are deep and emotional and have all the makings of a great country song. The song debuted at #30 on the Hot Country Songs chart and was certified gold by the RIAA in September 2015.

2. Body Like a Back Road


When Sam Hunt released this song in 2020, he was at his peak, and people thought that he wouldn’t release better music. However, he surprised us with this track which is contained in the album, Southside. With thirty weeks at number one on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs, “Body Like a Back Road” is Sam Hunt’s most commercially successful track. The catchy yet lighthearted song was written after his engagement with his current wife, Hannah Lee Fowler.

1. Take Your Time


Coming in at number one is the track, “Take Your Time,” which was Sam Hunt’s second consecutive song to reach number one on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart. “Take Your Time” is a mid-tempo ballad with lyrics that talk about a guy who approaches a woman with the intention of expressing his desire to know her better. Sam Hunt’s vocals are smooth and silky with him showing that he is more about style than power in his vocals. The song peaked at #20 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and has been certified five-times platinum by the RIAA.

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