Ranking All The Songs from The Ratatouille Soundtrack


This was the second Pixar film composer Michael Giacchino worked on with the company. The first was The Incredibles Soundtrack. Gone of the things that makes some of the tracks stand out is the names. They detail the scene they are in memorably making it easy to scan through the soundtrack and relive your favorite scene through song. Another thing that made the soundtrack so well constructed was it captured the sounds of Paris with heavy brass in the orchestra. Tim Simone conducted the orchestra that performed the score. This is a ranking of all the songs from the Ratatouille Soundtrack.

24. Adbandoning Ship – The Hollywood Studio Symphony


As you listen to selections in this soundtrack you may hear a striking similarity to another famous composer; John Barry. Many thought it was he and not Giacchino who did the film score.

23. Losing Control – The Hollywood Studio Symphony


One can equate this soundtrack to a well-crafted recipe. Throughout the compositions, you can hear so many elements put together but as a well-crafted dish, it’s hard to pick out everything because it all works so well together.

22. Special Order – The Hollywood Studio Symphony


One High School ran an article on why this soundtrack makes some of the best study music. In it, they discuss how Giacchino’s compositions flow so well together. Additionally, much like this song, the song sounds classic and fresh at the same time with all the elements coming together cohesively.

21. The Paper Chase – The Hollywood Studio Symphony


There is a brightness to this song. As it plays during the scene where Remy is running through the streets of Paris you get a sense of classic chase scenes; especially when the triangle plays.

20. Anyone Can Cook – The Hollywood Studio Symphony


It may be pushing it to say that anyone includes a rat in the kitchen which is typically a no-no. However, this scene is heartwarming because Remy gets to be a muse and live his best rat life. It plays while the critic writes the review about the restaurant and lends a contemplative moment to the film.

19. Cast of Cooks – The Hollywood Studio Symphony


The mark of a good kitchen is that it is a place where art is created from sustenance. The way the different portions of the orchestra wind together sound like the perfect medley of spices in food. Each cook who is in this scene is one that Remy knows by name.

18. Remy’s Revenge – The Hollywood Studio Symphony


Sadly, in any great partnership, there is that moment when things go awry. In this song, there is a heavy influence of woodwind and strings while Linguini gives Remy the what for.

17. This is Me – The Hollywood Studio Symphony


Percussion instruments are heavily relied on in this song. During this scene, Remy’s rank amongst the other rats is shown. Giacchino used rhythm elements that sounded similar to that of tiny paws. Another thing you may notice is the brief pause in the middle. This may be the way Remy views his life.

16. Heist To See You – The Hollywood Studio Symphony


Everything about the opening to this song sounds like classic Hollywood heist music. However, as it progresses you hear more influences from French street performers.

15. Wall Rat – The Hollywood Studio Symphony


This is a well-done song but it is played during one of the saddest scenes in the movie; when Remy is left behind. Utilizing the Cello helps make the scene even more woeful. Parts of the rat’s adventures line up with the beats of the music.

14. Souped Up – The Hollywood Studio Symphony


While this song is playing, Remy adds his touch to the meal. The song relies on the same melody throughout, but this adds to the suspense of the scene. You can also hear the song’s elation, which is similar to Remy’s, as he finally gets to be a part of the world he craves.

13. Kiss and Vinegar – The Hollywood Studio Symphony


Remy tries to play matchmaker in this scene and does so well. It’s the classic kiss scene but only for a moment. Much like the other half of the song, trouble is afoot when it’s playing.

12. Welcome to Gusteaus – The Hollywood Studio Symphony


This is another short composition that highlights the restaurant. While listening to the song you can hear the choices of songs mirror the tools one would typically use in the kitchen like knives dropping.

11. 100 Rat Dash – The Hollywood Studio Symphony


The song has elements that sound like Rimsky Korsokov’s famous piece; Flight of the Bumblebees. When the rats are evicted by extreme force you; ‘ll hear this addition. One of the best parts of the song is the heavy usage of strings. That sound creates more of an urgency.

10. A New Deal – The Hollywood Studio Symphony


There’s a touch more quirkiness on this selection than there is on other tracks. It’s also a scene that gives a lot of context to the movie and let’s face it, a bunch of the magic we expect in these types of films.

9. Granny Get Your Gun – The Hollywood Studio Symphony


The song during this scene is much more understated than you’d expect but it allows the buildup to the next song on The Ratatouille Soundtrack to happen. As with many other pieces in the film listeners will hear a heavy emphasis on strings.

8. Le Festin – Camille


This song opens the movie in true French Style. Listening to the bars makes moviegoers almost smell the freshly baked baguettes. This is the only selection on the soundtrack to feature vocals. in 2021 it became a popular selection for Tik Tok videos.

7. A Real Gourmet Kitchen – The Hollywood Studio Symphony


Finally, Remy is ready to be a part of the culinary world and not just watch it from a distance. As some of the most special moments happen for him, the symphonic punctuations become more intense. Additionally, the song has the same timing as a waltz which makes it sound fresh in the movie.

6. Ratatouille Main Theme – The Hollywood Studio Symphony


For this song, Giacchino relies more heavily on piano creating a pause in the bolder brass numbers. However, the way it is performed captures Remy’s spirit.

5. End Creditouilles – The Hollywood Studio Symphony


The song captures the essence of the movie with strong nods to the French style of music. It closes out the movie with the satisfaction that everything is going to be ok and sweeps into the credits which have a fun sequence reminiscent of classic Disney.

4. Dinner Rush – The Hollywood Studio Symphony


Anyone who faced one of these while working at a restaurant knows what the pace is like and how it can sometimes bring you to a breaking point. The intro is short on this song which allows for most of the song to be the musical representation of one of the most fun experiences for diners and one of the most frantic for the restaurant industry.

3. Remy Drives A LInguini – The Hollywood Studio Symphony


This is one of the stranger additions to the Rataoullie Soundtrack but also one of the most fun. Even though blending cowboy music, whistling, and a heavy dose of Hawaiian guitar sounds catastrophic it lends itself wonderfully to the soundtrack and the scene is so much fun. Even though, you may not typically put fun and accordion in the same sentence.

2. Is it Soup Yet? – The Hollywood Studio Symphony


Working in a kitchen is stressful and the urgent strings in the back of this song communicate it. It starts as a background piece but as the scene gets more urgent it goes o the front with a memorable crescendo.

1. Collette Shows Him Le Ropes – The Hollywood Studio Symphony


The tune exemplifies the flair of the cook who teaches Remy everything she knows about cooking. One of the standouts in this song is how instruments that normally wouldn’t play well together in the song meld seamlessly.

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