Ranking All The Songs from The Replacements Soundtrack

The Replacements

The sports comedy film, The Replacements, starring Keanu Reeves and Gene Hackman, was released in theaters in the year 2000. The storyline was loosely based on the 1987 National Football League (NFL) strike that took place where the Washington Redskins won all three of its games with replacement players before winning the season’s Super Bowl series. In the movie, the Falco-Martel quarterback controversy mirrored the post-strike controversy that erupted between Doug Williams and Jay Schroeder. In the movie, the Washington Sentinels’ professional football team brought forth a team of replacement players to carry out the rest of the league’s season while the regular players carried on with their strike. This dramatic comedy with a sporty storyline was a box office hit, as well as the music that was featured in it. No football movie would be complete without a soundtrack of sporty music to carry out its inspirational theme.

Ranking All The Songs from The Replacements Soundtrack

There were sixteen tracks featured on The Replacements Soundtrack that featured the composer, John Debney. He was responsible for much of the musical score that played throughout. There were also previous hits from artists such as Gloria Gaynor and Young MC, that brought forth a sporty collection of musical fan favorites.

16. R.O.W.D.I.E. (performed by Font 48)


(R.O.W.D.I.E.) by Font 48 started off with cheerleaders spelling out the word before the group breaks into a rockin’ number that is enough to have the listener let their hand down and get caught up in the groove.

15. I Don’t Want to Be Your Girlfriend (performed by Kelly Owens)


For The Replacements, Kelly Owens performed the song (I Don’t Want to Be Your Girlfriend) in the movie and for the soundtrack. Singing as a woman wanting to have her own space and live life by her own rules, Owens laid out how she wants to dictate her own relationships. As a song, it served as a decent enough number to pass as an alternative listening favorite that almost had a Sheryl Crow-like aura to it.

14. Training Camp (performed by Font 48)


The sporty (Training Camp) was a song performed by Font 48, laying out the aura of what a group of football players does as a means to get themselves in team form. Designed to do as it should, the rev-up beat serves as an influential number for the listener to get ready for game time.

13. Falco (performed by John Debney)


This beautiful piano piece was a heartfelt performance delivered by John Debney as he and his orchestra bring forth this emotional piece. Even if one didn’t know the story behind the music, this is a fantastic song to play for any occasion that’s designed to serve either as a memorial or a moment of relief.

12. Strikebreakers (performed by Font 48)


(Strikebreakers) serves as a musical reminder there was a division that existed between the regular players of a football team that was on strike and their replacements. If there is a song to perform as an act of defiance, this would be it. Font 48 did a remarkable job bringing this song to the level it needed to be as the heavy-hitting number it needed to be.

11. Chicks Dig Scars (performed by John Debney)


Performed by John Debney and his orchestra, the fast-paced (Chicks Dig Scars) has what it takes to be a catchy dance number on the floor. It can also serve as a vivid workout piece while one trains to be the best possible version of themselves. There are slow breaks that offer a bit of a breather before moving into a small, inspiring build that revs everything back up again.

10. Martel Crossed (performed by John Debney)


Dramatic, this orchestral piece composed and performed by John Debney is a rather difficult song to get through without the urge to shed a tear. Designed as such, this emotional instrumental painted the image of someone near and dear that has been lost. However, as the song progresses, it becomes more encouraging as Debney vocally delivers he can be trusted to get through whatever hurdles happen to get in the way.

9. Falco Changes the Play (performed by John Debney)


Intense and fast, (Falco Changes the Play) also becomes a dramatic number as John Debney’s instrumental delivery of suspense has found a way to get under the skin of the listener. This is a number designed to build excitement and anticipation, which it executes with brilliance. The song does, however, slow down to a gentle finish, perhaps suggesting either the narrator has succeeded with the strategy or has somehow failed.

8. Football Replacement Style (performed by John Debney)


(Football Replacement Style) was a dramatic number presented by John Debney as this toyed with the instruments involved to make it playful, yet suspenseful. As a workout number, it does the job it’s been designed to do, which is to stay focused and keep pushing.

7. The Replacements Remix (performed by John Debney)


With echoes of Keanu Reeves and Gene Hackman to add drama to (The Replacements Remix), John Debney’s fantastic number is fast-paced, blood-pumping, and adrenaline-rushing. This is exactly how a sporty theme song should be done as it has all the right stuff to trigger an awesome workout for the listener should they wish to indulge.

6. Wild Yam/The Look in Your Eyes (performed by Font 48)


The double song, (Wild Yam/The Look in Your Eyes) was one of three songs performed by Font 48 that was featured in The Replacements Soundtrack. At first, it starts off slow and melodic before busting into a catchy number. This was one of those songs that could have the right formula to become a billboard hit. Unfortunately, this was not the case but it’s still a really good number to listen to.

5. The Dallas Game (performed by John Debney)


Full of heavy-hitting juice, (The Dallas Game) served as a sporty number that mixed the potential of triumph with hard work. As far as instrumental music goes, John Debney definitely made the mark with (The Dallas Game).

4. Rock and Roll Part II (performed by Gary Glitter)


In 1972, Gary Glitter released a record that featured (Rock and Roll) on the A-side and (Rock and Roll Part II) on the B-side. The first part was a vocal track that reflected on the history of this particular music genre while the second part was mainly an instrumental number. Both of these songs became very popular but it was (Rock and Roll Part II) that became popular with sports venues as a number of teams used this to get the audience pumped up during a game.

4. Second Chance (by Bret Domrose)


Of Dogstar fame, Bret Domrose performed the song (Second Chance), which served as a theme for the main character, Falco, played by Keanu Reeves. In the movie, Falco is given a second chance to achieve star status in the fictional professional football league. Doing so allowed him to lead his fellow replacements to a championship that was well-earned. Dogstar was a band Keanu Reeves performed in as a bassist and backing vocalist that enjoyed a career run from 1991 until 2002.

3. Bust A Move (by Young MC)


In 1990, (Bust A Move) won rapper Young MC the Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance and was a number seven hit on the US Billboard Hot 100 when it was released in 1989. In 2000, this song was featured in The Replacements, a suitable song given the theme behind the movie was football. (Bust A Move) is Young MC’s signature song that also became certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.

2. I Will Survive (by Gloria Gaynor)


Gloria Gaynor’s (I Will Survive) became the theme song of The Replacements as players who carried the Washington Sentinels to become the league’s champions while the regular players of the league were on strike. When this song was originally released as a single in 1978, it became a number one hit on a series of national music charts, including the US Billboard Hot 100. At the very least, it was a top ten hit among the majority of nations and served as one of the most beloved disco songs of all time. Considering the theme of the movie, (I Will Survive) definitely fits the bill, even if it may not have been a typical choice among sports teams looking for that pump-up song before a game starts.

1. Rock and Roll Part II (performed by Gary Glitter)


In 1972, Gary Glitter released a record that featured (Rock and Roll) on the A-side and (Rock and Roll Part II) on the B-side. The first part was a vocal track that reflected on the history of this particular music genre while the second part was mainly an instrumental number. Both of these songs became very popular but it was (Rock and Roll Part II) that became popular with sports venues as a number of teams used this as a means to get the audience pumped up before and during a game. For The Replacements not to use this song in the movie or in the soundtrack is like trying to play the game of football without a referee.

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