Ranking All the Songs from The Little Nicky Soundtrack

LIttle Nicky

This movie was released in 2000 to less than stellar critical and movie watcher reviews. The titular character Nicky prefers to listen to loud music than take on roles like his mother an angel or his father who is the devil. However, after Nicky’s father has his power thrown into jeopardy, the lazy demon goes on a quest to restore the balance since his two older brothers are the ones causing all the havoc. Adam Sandler co-wrote the movie with Tim Herlihy and Steven Brill. The cast featured Dana Carvey, Jon Lovitz, Rodney Dangerfield, and Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon. Nonetheless, it never got more than a passing glance. Even though the movie was over the top, even for an Adam Sandler flick it still had a great soundtrack. This is a ranking of all the songs from the Little Nicky Soundtrack.

12. School of Hard Knocks – P.O.D.


Having a P.O.D. song on this song track is something of an oddity. After all, many of the songs on this list are from newer musical acts. Additionally, the topic of the movie doesn’t seem like a suitable vehicle for an American Christian Metal Band. Nonetheless, the song fits well into the overall theme of the movie, despite the negative critic reviews.

11. Nothing – Unloco


This group started their career the same year the movie Little Nicky was released. This song was originally featured on their freshman album; Healing released in 2001. Aside from appearing on The Little Nicky Soundtrack, they also had songs featured in The Matrix Reloaded as well as the video game, Madden 2004.

10. Rock Superstar – Cypress Hill


Cyprus Hill’s fifth studio album dropped on February 29, 2000, and this song was the second single. Even though Little Nicky was the first time the song was used it also appeared in many different movies, video games and tv shows including an episode of American Dad called The Boring Identity.

9. Points of Authority – Linkin Park


Like the song Nothing, by Unloc; this song falls neatly into the category of Nü-metal. It was one of the pieces that made the group standout with on their freshman album Hybrid Theory. Despite Linkin Park’s success they were never comfortable with being labeled Nü-metal since they felt that their sound far exceeded the label.

8. Stupify (Fu’s Forbidden Little Nicky Remix) – Disturbed


The lyrics in this song are front man, David Draiman’s thoughts and recollections on racism from his childhood. The initial release was the groups first chart topping single and debuted at #10 on the rock charts. Even though the song was well liked by their fans, it took a long time for critics to recognize the powerhouse tune.

7. Cave – Muse


Cave’s first album, Showbiz dropped in 1999 and this song was the first single from it. Throughout the years since the song’s release there have been several different theories about who the song is about both coming from lead vocalist Matt Bellamy. The most likely topic of the song is metal illness and the social stigma people have of the disease.

6. Pardon Me – Incubus


According to Entertainment Weekly, this song was the group’s first single to be on the airwaves. The group first learned their song was going to be on the radio while playing a putt putt game. After the manager announced on the loud speaker the song was going to be played, the group went to their vehicles to listen. Throughout the instrumentation in the song, you can hear strong influences from the Busta Rhymes song, Give Me Some More.

5. Natural High – Insolence


Fans of the group know their sound is a seamless blend of rap, reggae and hip-hop; a well-crafted blend for an Adam Sandler movie since they typically combine sophomoric comedy with unexpected heartwarming moments. This addition to the soundtrack is a much-needed departure from the freshman nu metal additions.

4. Change in (The House of Flies) – Deftones


When asked about the song, lead singer Chino Moreno points to a jam session with the band where everything just seemed to flow together. Another thing that made the song such a success is that there are many different meanings that can be drawn from it. Aside from a track listing on the Little Nicky Soundtrack, it was also used during one the scenes on the TV show Alias.

3. When Worlds Collide – Powerman 5000


According to Song Facts, the lyrics of the song are loosely based on the 1951 movie When Worlds Collide based on a 1933 book. Overall, the story is about scientists who are trying to stop an asteroid from hitting Earth. Powerman 5000’s version is the story told by those who were forgotten during the disaster. As with other tracks on the song’s initial album, Tonight the Stars Revolt; the song is a playful spin on science fiction.

2. Take A Picture – Filter


It is an easy to get lost in the dreaminess of this song and wonder what the deeper meaning is. However, the song was almost an afterthought by Richard Patrick. He once said the lyrics were about him getting drunk on a plane with less-than-optimal consequences. The song was the second single from the group’s second album, Title of a Record released in 1999.

1. Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) – Deftones


Many of us understand wanting to just pack it all up and leave. This track from the group’s 1997 album, Around The Fur explores this theme. As the lyrics progress, it’s easy to think that the song is about something darker like an addiction or mental illness, but it also contributes to the beauty of the song. It’s a universal anthem for anyone who needs a sounding board for their dreams.

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