The 10 Best 3 Doors Down Songs of All-Time

3 Doors Down

Throughout their career, 3 Doors Down have shown a lot of resilience, attaining massive mainstream success with tracks such as “Kryptonite” and “Here Without You.” The fivesome rock band whose members hail from Escatwpa, Mississippi, have never lost their small-town identity, and natives have labeled them as rock’s truest underdogs. Their track, “Kryptonite,” which was released in 2000, captured the band’s rise and refusal to be acknowledged as just another American band. The band’s successive albums continued their success, seeing them perform alongside other great bands such as Seether, Daughtry, Soul Asylum, and many more. This article will count down the ten best 3 Doors Down songs.

10. Your Arms Feel Like Home

The number ten song on our list of the top ten 3 Doors Down is an incredibly catchy ballad that talks about finally finding your soulmate. It doesn’t matter how many frogs you’ve kissed because when you finally find your soulmate, it will definitely “feel like home.” “Your Arms Feel Like Home” was released in 2008 and is contained in the band’s self-titled album 3 Doors Down.

9. Let Me Go

“Let Me Go” was initially written as a soundtrack for the movie “Spider-Man 2,” but it didn’t make the cut in the final soundtrack for the film because the band liked it so much that they thought it best to keep the song for themselves. The track is a breakup song that features a video of two high school sweethearts who seem to have the perfect relationship. However, the relationship is shattered by a devastating secret. The track peaked at position 14 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and has remained a crowd favorite and a great song to rock out.

8. When You’re Young

This song goes from a silent verse to a fantastic chorus in a manner that you’ll never hear in another rock song. “When You’re Young” is among the most liked 3 Doors Down songs due to the fantastic lyrics, which are original. The song criticizes the older generation, who often forget what it was like to be young and full of dreams. The older generation often put down young people for being themselves which they consider being unrealistic.

7. Away From the Sun

3 Doors Down debut studio album, The Better Life, was quite a success and is their most commercially successful album. The band continued their upward trajectory with their second studio album, Away From the Sun, which contains our number seven track. Like most of their track, the lyrics are impeccable with lines such as, “Cause now again I’ve found myself, so far down,” which imply the times that one gets down and tries to get back up again, but someone keeps pushing them down.

6. It’s Not My Time

This track was initially written as a soundtrack for a remake of the 1972 movie Poseidon Adventure, about people trying to escape their death from a sinking ship. Brad Arnold wrote the song after watching a 30 seconds clip of the movie. The song features an equally impressive video that features a guy who goes all the way to save a mother and her daughter from an accident. The song’s main message is resilience and keeping going even when the world is trying to pull you down or push you out.

5. Loser

Brad Arnold wrote this song from a real-life experience after seeing one of his childhood friends struggle with cocaine addiction. The track contains multiple allusions to suicide with lines such as, “Nothing seems to fill this place, sooner or later you know I’ll be dead, holding the rope and taking the fall.” The track spent 21 weeks on the US Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks, which is an all-time record for the chart.

4. Be Like That

According to Brad Arnold, “Be Like That” was a strange ballad where the chorus and verses were written at different times. The song features some great lyrics that are pretty relatable, with the second verse referencing one of the band’s favorite places, Northpark Mall, Ridgeland. A slightly altered version of the song was used as a soundtrack for the 2001 American Comedy film American Pie 2.

3. When I’m Gone

“When I’m Gone” is the lead single from 3 Doors Down second album, Away from the Sun. The track is one of the few that the band has written while on the road. The track was a major hit, and the band could feel it immediately they played it for the first time while on tour in Europe. The track is about wanting to be loved unconditionally despite the obstacles and distance. The video of the song features the band performing live on the USS George Washington even though the lyrics are not about the army or war. However, the band dedicated the song to all military personnel serving in the US Army.

2. Kryptonite

This classic song was written by Brad Arnold while he was in an algebra class at the age of fifteen. Although this song has been interpreted differently by different people, it is a song asking if someone will be there for you not only during your bad times but even the good times. The track has some memorable verses, incredible riffs, and unique melodies that make it feel timeless.

1. Here Without You

The number one and two songs in our list of the greatest 3 Doors Down Songs was always going to be a close call between “Kryptonite” and “Here Without You.” However, we have to give it up to this classic, which ages like fine wine. The lyrics of the song were written by Brad Arnold to his wife to explain how lonely he felt while on the road promoting the band while being away from her. The song is basically about being away from someone you love. The track peaked at position five on the US Billboard Hot 100 and has been certified five-times platinum.

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