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Ice Cube

During the 90s, many movies about people living in impoverished areas focused on the darker, more violent aspects of that lifestyle. Ice Cube starred in one of them, Boyz In The Hood. However, he noticed a disproportionate amount of movies like that, so he decided to make one lighthearted and comedic. In 1995, the first Friday movie hit theatres. Since then, the film has spawned several sequels as well as countless internet memes and a slew of pop culture references. Alongside Ice Cube, the movie stars Chris Tucker and Nia Long. The movie was filmed in the Los Angeles neighborhood where director F. Gary Gray grew up. One of the things that made the movie such a success was the soundtrack. The songs featured a diverse range, and each scene where one is featured makes the scene all the more memorable. This is a ranking of the songs on the Friday Soundtrack.

14. Lettin’ Ni**as Know – Threat


Ice Cube plays the main character in the first Friday movie and every film in the franchise that followed. Near the beginning of the movie, he’s fired from his job. This song plays during the scene when he tries to borrow money from his girlfriend.

13. Hoochie Mama – The 2 Live Crew


They were already broken up when this group got the call to do a song on the soundtrack. However, Luke Campbell, one of the former members, called each the others and persuaded them to record this song. Even though he didn’t appear in the studio session, he re-edited the piece to include his voice. The song ended up being one of the group’s most popular songs.

12. Coast II Coast – The Alkaholiks


This track was from the group’s sophomore album and was later featured in the movie. The album by the same title went to #5- on the Billboard 200 and #123 on the Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums charts in 1994.

11. You Got Me Wide Open – Bootsy Collins & Bernie Worrell


The first time two of the characters see Mrs. Parker, a neighbor, she is watering her grass. Even though she’s only featured in the first movie, her first scene will undoubtedly be remembered with this song.

10. Superhoes – Funkdoobiest


Deebo is Craig’s arch-nemesis, and Red is Craig’s co-worker. When moviegoers hear this song, it’s during a scene when these two get into a fight while playing a dice game. Part of the song is a sample of the song Get Out of My Life Woman, released by the Mad Lads in 1966.

9. I Wanna Get Next To You – Rose Royce


In the first Friday movie, Debbie is the girl Craig wants. During a scene when he talks to her, you can hear Royce’s song in the background. Her character was never reprieved in any of the subsequent sequels.

8. Take A Hit – Mack 10


The talented Chris Rock plays Smokey. He’s a drug dealer who works for Big Worm. This song is very well placed since it’s in the scene when he and Craig are smoking some marijuana he’s supposed to sell.

7. Blast If I have To – E-A-Ski


After the misstep, when the two characters smoke Marijuana, they are chased by Big Worm and his group. As they are running for their lives, you can hear the bars of this song.

6. Trying To See Another Day – The Isley Brothers


Even though it’s a bit of an odd choice considering the rest of the soundtrack, it’s the first song heard in the movie. As the film opens, you first see Craig, whose sleep is disturbed by Jehovah’s Witnesses at his parent’s front door.

5. Keep Their Heads Ringin’ – Dr. Dre & Nancy Fletcher


This song was the only single from the album. After its release, it shot to #1 on the Hot Rap Tracks and #10 on the Billboard Hot 100. On May 10, 1995, it was certified Gold.

4. I Heard It Through The Grapevine – Roger Troutman


This song is one of the most coveted of all times. When you hear the music, it falls neatly into the soul genre. However, when Troutman performed it, he took it differently and gave it a funk twist. When he released it as a single, it went to #1 on the R&B charts in 1981.

3. Friday – Ice Cube


The singer was the driving force behind the movie, so it’s no wonder he wrote the title track. It wasn’t an easy process to get the film made. The production studio for the movie had creative differences from Ice Cube and rebelled against his initial suggestion for the director. Even though a track from Cypress Hill is on the soundtrack, Ice Cube’s addition started a fight between the two groups because Cypress Hill felt the line “through your neighborhood in the air,” was taken from one of theirs.

2. Mary Jane – Rick James


Like many other songs with this title, it’s not a romantic song about a woman or classic women’s shoes. It’s a song that fits nicely into the movie because it’s all about a love for Marijuana. James teamed up with Billy Nunn for this song. It was the second single during his solo career. Before Craig goes up to Smokey’s room, they’re just hanging out on his front porch. The song used in this scene foreshadows what’s about to befall Craig.

1. Roll It Up, Light It Up, Smoke It Up – Cypress Hill


Since this movie is all about Marijuana, the soundtrack wouldn’t be complete without a track from Cypress Hill. During one of Craig and Smokey’s sessions, this song is heard. DJ Muggs wrote the song. The lyrics detail all the things you feel and think about while you’re on Marijuana. The only thing missing in this song is a reference to Snoop Dogg. Although the lyric, “West Coat hittin’ that honey dip,” is an indirect nod.

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