The 10 Best Restless Road Songs of All-Time

Restless Road

Nashville based American country band, Restless Road met back in 2013 while auditioning as solo contestants for X-Factor. The band was formed after Zack Beeken and Colton Pack were eliminated from the 2013 season of X-Factor. Simon Cowell then suggested that the duo should make a comeback as a group with singer, Andrew Scholz. After their comeback on the show, the group finished fourth in the show. Over the years, they have gone on to sign with major record labels and have written music for bands such as Rascall Flatts, David James, and Granger Smith. In our latest article, we take a look at ten of the best Restless Road songs of all time. Check out our rankings.

10. Headlights


Our countdown of the top ten Restless Road songs of all time kicks off with a song that features some upbeat tunesand feel good lyrics all of which we have come to associate with the band. The song is quite similar to “Hometown Tonight” and “Bar Friends” in terms of composition but with a more positive outlook. The song sees the main character trying to do everything to forget about his ex including removing her picture off the dashboard.

9. All The Girls


Coming in at number nine is a track off the band’s self-titled EP Restless Road which was released in 2020. The first time I heard this tune, I had to agree that Restless Road were on their way up and there was no stopping them. The vocals are amazing and even if you are not a fun of rock, you will absolutely love their songs.

8. It Ain’t Easy


“It Ain’t Easy” takes the eighth spot on our countdown of the top ten Restless Road songs. The song follows in the footsteps of “All The Girls” and is contained in the group’s EP, Restless Road (2020). The song is absolutely sweet and I had to check its lyrics and sing along the first time I had it. The acoustic song has a video that features the trio performing the song infront of a big wooden house.

7. One Step Ahead


Simon Cowell knew what he was up to when he put this boys together to form a band and this song shows that he was indeed one step ahead of all of us in spotting their talent. “One Step” is another hit from the group’s 2020 EP, Restless Road – EP (2020). The song contains an upbeat tune and the lyrics talk about how a guy is so in love with a girl that he is ready to go the extra mile to make her happy.

6. Growing Old With You


Coming in at number six is a song from Restless Road’s latest album, Growing Old With You. If you are a fan of the hit series, The Bachelor, you have probably seen the boys perform this song in one of the episodes which features a special date night. This romantic ballad is surely going to be one of the most popular country wedding songs over time.

5. Somebody Like You


The number five song on our list of the top ten Restless Road songs is one of the boys performances on the X-Factor Show 2013. “Somebody Like You” was a great performance by the group and it made the world stand up and take notice of a band that had so much potential to take over the country music scene. In this particular performance, the group had the crowd sing along to the lyrics of the song and at times you could barely hear them singing.

4. Hometown Tonight


Coming in at number four on our countdown of the top ten Restless Road songs of all time is the track, “Hometown Tonight” which is contained in their 2021 album, Hometown Tonight. The song runs for roughly two and a half minutes and I promise you it is one of the freshest country tunes you will experience in the time. The lyrics of the song are sweet and the group’s performance in the song is quite extraordinary.

3. Take One Look at Her Momma


For most of us, our dads are like our bestfriends and they all give us those funny “daddy wisdom” stories. The idea of this song came after Zack Beeken talked with his dad and asked him how someone knows that he has found the one. His father’s response was like, “all you have to do is take one good look at her momma.” The song was cowritten by Restless Road alongside Lindsay Rimes and Andy Albert and what a great song it turned out to be. “Take One Look at Her Momma” is one of my personal favorite Restless Road songs and you can feel it in the way it is produced. The vocals are perfect and the song shows you what the future holds for this band.

2. Bar Friends


Narrowly missing out on top spot on our countdown of the top ten Restless Road songs is the song “Bar Friends” coming from the band’s 2021 album with the same name. As the song’s title suggests, the song is basically about your different types of friends with the singer suggesting that the bar friends are the ones he hangs out with when thighs get tough in life. I don’t know how good that advise is but the group surely came up with an absolutely fantastic song.

1. Take Me Home


Coming in at number one is a fresh sample of John Denver’s classic hit song, “Take Me Home.” The group performs this iconic song alongside country music singer Kane Brown who the group met during their audition for X-Factor. The sample is the first time that John Denver’s family has allowed his song to be samples. Its clear that the boys did not disappoint in their performance of this song which has some impressive vocals and a fresh country beat.

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