Netflix Upcoming David Lynch’s “Wisteria” Series in the Production

Netflix announces David Lynch‘s “Wisteria” Series in the production stage. This is an untitled David Lynch project title “Wisteria” is begin production in May 2021.

We are already fans of Twin Peaks and another David Lynch series or movies. And, now one new series already in the works and confirmed from the Production Weekly website.

Also, this title is similar to a reference to Wisteria Lane (from ABC’s television series Desperate Housewives). And, we know that David Lynch and collaborator Sabrina S. Sutherland as a producer. And that the project will film at Calvert Studios in LA, California.

When is the Release Date of David Lynch’s “Wisteria” Series?

There is no official release date or confirmation yet. But, according to this website that production is due to begin in May 2021 and they will be starting filming in the studio.

Also, a few years ago Netflix released David Lynch’s project “What Did Jack Do?” around the world. He already commented on another project via THR:

“The lockdown stopped all kinds of work that involves other people. It forces us to go to something that we can do on our own. Like, I’m experimenting with music. I can experiment with any kind of motion picture I can do on the computer. And I can work in the woodshop and build things. I can go to the painting studio and paint. You can’t work in a film right now and I think for a long time. We won’t be able to work with a big crew in a normal way of filmmaking. It’s just too dangerous right now.

It’s really something to think about. I don’t really think I can make a film until there’s a vaccine. There are all kinds of rumors. I’ve got a show called What Did Jack Do? on Netflix right now. It’s a great show about a monkey. It’s something you’ve got to see. And it will really help you in quarantine.

All these rumors are flying about, but I can tell you that there’s nothing happening in that regard. It’s a rumor that even if it was true — there’s nothing happening.”

We can wait for David Lynch’s “Wisteria” series coming late 2021 on Netflix. Check out David Lynch’s Netflix short show “What Did Jack Do?” trailer below!

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