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METALLICA’s Lars Ulrich Practises with RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE Songs

METALLICA‘s Lars Ulrich practices with songs from RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE during his time at home due to the pandemic.

Lars Ulrich is one of the founders and living legends of the American heavy metal band METALLICA band. Also, he talked about what he does during the pandemic.

The health crisis that emerged in 2020 almost ended the world of many concerts, shows, and events. Many artists stay at home and try to improve their own music and art. One of them is Lars Ulrich, the drummer of METALLICA.

Lars Ulrich recently spoke to Classic Rock magazine and talked about what he’s doing in the pandemic. Lars told which songs he played to keep his drumming skills sharp and to practice.

He said that he practiced with METALLICA‘s latest studio album, “Hardwired … To Self Destruct” released in 2016.

Ulrich also said that he practiced with the songs from RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE‘s 1992 album: “Another record I” and played along to is RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, that first album.”

He added: “That has been the soundtrack to this pandemic for me. I’m just blasting those songs, and they sound more relevant and more contemporary than they ever have.”

Ulrich thinks RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE is a significant starting point for “all that for illustration”. He also recalled performing with them at the LA Coliseum in 2011.

“It was a hot, sweaty night, with that energy that you get in LA when you have those big concerts, and seeing 70,000 people yell ‘fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me!’ Was one of the most insane concert moments I’ve ever experienced.” he said.

You can watch the RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE‘s performance in LA Coliseum in 2011 below.

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