Maynard James Keenan Recording for New Tool Album Appeared

Tool album records we’ve been waiting for a long time have been completed according to webmaster Blair.

There are new speculations about the new Tool album, which is expected to be released in 2019. And we’re waiting for this album since 2006. Tool’s webmaster Blair recently posted answers to fan’s questions on Tool social media page on FourthEye :

maynard james keenan new tool album 2019

xZ1mM3r posted:

I am most interested in HB confirming that MJK has recorded vocals. At the risk of being completely ignored, ill go ahead and probe a little deeper (that’s what she said):

How far along are the ‘recorded vocals’?

Has the band already went through the musical adjustment of incorporating the lyrics into the tracks? I know they have mentioned in the past that they usually modify the music to fit the lyrics, and vice versa.
Do we know who/where they plan on mastering the album?

BellJH posted:

My uninformed guess is that vocals were recorded in the first couple of weeks of October, whilst MJK was hanging around in LA prior to the APC tour kicking off. I think that is why Danny text BMB on the 8th Oct saying that he “REALLY” liked what he heard in the studio that night. And that BMB assumed the recording process was going well for “ALL” involved. AJ also posted some EQ analyzer on the 23rd Oct that looks like it has 4 distinct tracks or frequency plots on it. Which I assumed were vocals, guitar, bass, and drums.

Based on all of this I hope the vocals are recorded in full, and that they have been mixing/adjusting since mid-October. And that it should be finished by Christmas and ready to master in the new year.

Hellboy posted:

Well, you guys have largely worked it out I think. I asked Blair if there was Maynard on what he heard. And the answer was yes. I didn’t ask for further information.

As to where they are at – I’m no expert in the process, but seems likely that the majority of the recording is done. Any further recording at this stage I expect would just be to add a bit of color and depth to the album. I’d like to think however that’s all done, and all that remains is some tweaking of the mix, and sending off to master in January. I expect Maynard will want to be involved in approving the final mix. So don’t expect this part to be “done” until after APC wrap up. I still think an album in April is the most likely scenario. Unless Tool takes what I’d consider being an unusual step (for them) of releasing digitally first, and then physically second.

Assuming they go for a traditional physical release, we need to ponder where are they at with artwork? Are they going to do vinyl? I doubt the band is going to take a backward step in regards to the presentation of their physical release.”

And we can’t still don’t know much, anything said wouldonly be speculation or untrue for the new album. We will wait and see.

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