10 Things You Didn’t Know about Celina Powell

In the entertainment industry, there’s an old saying: “there’s no such thing as bad publicity”. Although it may sound counterintuitive,  sometimes it’s actually true. Celina Powell is a prime example. Known for having affairs with famous men, Celina also isn’t afraid to spill all the tea at a moment’s notice. Sure,  Celina doesn’t have the best reputation but she’s still managed to build a huge following and for some people – that’s all that matters. She currently has more than 3 million followers on Instagram and the number is still growing. However, there’s more to Celina than many people realize. Keep reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about Celina Powell.

1. She’s From Colorado

Celina is originally from the Denver area. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the greatest upbringing. Her mother was a prostitute who struggled with addiction and her father wasn’t in the picture at all. She and her siblings were raised primarily by their grandmother and aunt. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like she has very close relationships with her family these days.

2. She Had A Podcast

In 2020, Celina stepped into the podcasting world as the co-host of Thots Next Door. The podcast, which was part of the No Jumper umbrella, covered a variety of raunchy topics. However, after just four episodes, the show was canceled. Adam22, who owns the No Jumper brand, explained that the podcast just wasn’t going to work. Not long after, Celina accused Adam22 and his girlfriend of some very shady things.

3. She Has A YouTube Channel

Instagram is the platform where Celina has the biggest following, but she knows better than to put all of her eggs in one basket. She started a YouTube channel in the summer of 2018 where she makes a wide range of videos. Her channel currently has 120,000 subscribers and more than 7.5 million views.

4. She Faked A Pregnancy

Celina is known in the entertainment industry for fabricating stories. Although there are a lot of stories and claims that she still stands behind, she did admit to lying about being pregnant by Migos star, Offset. The situation resulted in lots of backlash for Celina and some people questioned the state of her mental health.

5. She Was Sexually Assaulted At An Early Age

Over the years, Celina has been on the receiving end of lots of harsh criticism, but many people don’t realize that a lot of her behavior likely stems from the things she’s had to endure. In a YouTube video, Celina revealed that she was raped when she was 10 years old. She shared that the men who were responsible were eventually arrested.

6. She Has An Account On Only Fans

Everybody knows that sex sells, and this is something Celina has really capitalized on. Celina has two OnlyFans accounts, one of them is free and the other has a $50 monthly fee. In the description of her premium OnlyFans page, she promises subscribers that they will get to see her in action with rappers and famous athletes.

7. She Claimed Trey Songz Kidnapped Her

If there’s one thing Celina has never been afraid to do, it’s speak up. In 2019, she and her friend claimed to have been kidnapped by R&B singer, Trey Songz. Celina later said that Trey forced her into sexual asks and then urinated on her. Trey denied the allegations, but she actually isn’t the only person who has accused him of sexual assault.

8. She Doesn’t Let Haters Get Under Her Skin

Even though Celina has a large online following, a good portion of those people don’t actually like her. Celina is the kind of person that people are drawn to simply out of nosiness and she often receives lots of negative comments. Despite all of the negativity, Celina doesn’t let it bother her. Instead, she enjoys doing things to make her haters mad.

9. She Went To A Christian School Growing Up

Celina may not have had her parents in her life, but her aunt and grandmother did their best to make sure she had access to good opportunities. From elementary through middle school, she attended a Christian school where she describes herself as a good kid and a great student.

10. She Doesn’t Like To Drink Alcohol

Because of her reputation, many people have probably assumed that Celina is a hardcore party girl who likes to get lit on a regular basis. That isn’t the case, however. She actually doesn’t drink alcohol very often and has never done any kind of drugs. Knowing about the path her mother took turned her off from things that could potentially be habit-forming.

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