Why Andreas Kisser Decided to Give up Alcohol

Andreas Kisser was born in Brazil and raised in Sao Bernardo do Campo. He is a guitarist and a musician whose interest in music can probably be traced back to his own parents, who had produced many records that he used to listen to and had a lot of influence on him. Kisser received a lot of support from the family, such as getting his first guitar from his grandmother. This kind of support must have given him a head start in his music career. He started on the hard rock he was introduced to by his friend to the various bands of the day, such as Kiss and Queen.

To break the shackles of Alcohol

Andreas Kisser was almost controlled by alcohol in all his endeavors. Alcohol was like that master who always dictated what to do and where to be. According to loudwire.com, when called for performances, considerations such as entertaining the fans or seeking to meet the goals of the organizers were not his priority. Still, his concern was the availability of alcohol when he was called to perform. According to his own confession, though he understood the negative effect of this antisocial behavior, he could not help it. He also used his hard-earned money and effort on alcohol, indicating how it had taken over his life. He, therefore, came to a point where he realized he needed a turning point by addressing this problem.


Andreas was really having it rough with alcohol because it made him lose many things, especially in his career as a musician. Due to his lifestyle, when he was to perform, he was always drunk, and most of the time, he missed out on road trips that help musicians promote their music. When drunk, he really had a hard time playing guitar since such activity requires a sober person and a high concentration level. He was also a writer and composer, and alcohol made him make the band’s functions worse. Alcohol, therefore, had to give way before it ruined his career.

Relationship with Family and Friends

Alcoholism, as to most people, made Andreas have poor relationships with family, colleagues, and fans. He found that it came in between him and his family, straining his ability to relate with them. He needed to be sober for his wife and children and to set a good example for his fans. The fact that his family and friends had supported him in getting to the top of his career must have made him feel that he owed them to do the right thing. Therefore, the quitting of alcoholism might have been influenced by his parents, who were professionals (the father was an engineer and the mother a teacher) whose discipline he must have cherished when he was growing up.


Kisser realized that unlike when he was in his 20s, he was now getting old, 52 years old, and still alcohol had a grip on him. He felt that he really needed to start on a clean slate and remain healthy as he grew old. When he was on his jet and drunk, he had an accident where he broke his arm. The effect of this accident was that his arm became so swollen that he was unable to play his guitar and perform on the scheduled dates. This disappointed his band members and fans, making him realize the need to be in good health.

Need for the Peace Of Mind

Kisser, in most cases, when he was drunk, used to have a dark shadow around him which really disturbed him. All the hangovers that came up from drinking and the dark cloud that he felt followed him became a nightmare as it came to the point where he was almost losing his mind. The situation was very bad that he felt like alcohol was making decisions for him as he tried to quit now and then, but it was impossible. He, therefore, had to give up alcohol to have that peace of mind.


Kisser felt he really needed to be responsible first for himself and then for his family (his wife and children) and lastly for his band members. Drinking alcohol took preeminence in his life that it no longer mattered whether it was his family, but alcohol was his priority. He thus felt that if he decided to quit alcohol, it would be better as now he had more responsibilities than when he was aged 21 and 22 as he was still drinking even then. According to nzentertainmentpodcast, Kisser is known to be concerned about the welfare of his family, and quitting alcoholism was one of the ways to do so.

To Avoid Wrong Choices

Andreas realized that the decisions he made on the activities to be engaged in, such as tours, social events, or meeting with friends, were determined by alcohol. This, for example, meant that if he were going to visit a certain place and discovered that maybe the restaurant in that locality did not sell alcohol, he would avoid the place. He also talked of the dangers of life, especially when traveling, as things like alcohol and drugs are availed for free, which could lose life balance if one is given to them. Therefore his giving up on alcohol was important in ensuring that he made the correct life choices.

Lessons from friends

The problem of alcoholism appeared to have been a major issue in the band (Sepultura) as other members were also affected. Max Cavalera, a member of this group, had also to give up alcohol which also came with quitting the group. Although he gave other reasons for quitting the group, it is clear alcoholism did play a major role as he said that for the 10 years that he was drinking, it had affected his performance, especially the tours. This also can be collaborated with Andreas’s situation, especially his feeling that alcohol had taken total control of his life. Considering that Andreas quit alcoholism after his friend Max, there is a probability that the effect it had on Max must have influenced the decision he made to give up alcohol also.

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