Here is a YouTube channel live stream of AI-Generated Death Metal 24/7

Here is the YouTube channel live stream of AI-Generated Death Metal for 24/7.

Now there is Dadabots has been streaming death metal nonstop on own YouTube channel. This is using with AI generating system for making of what death metal sounds like. However, this is a fake band powered by deep learning software. Dadabots was developed by CJ Carr and Zack Zukowski, these two musicians technology lovers create their own band. They met at Berklee College of Music in Boston and decided to make music with AI. This is based on a recurrent neural network—computing architecture. And learns patterns in a large amount of input data (for example, death metal). Also, they predict what musical elements and sequences are the most common and recreates them over and over.

dadabots ai generated metal music live 24/7

What exactly does Dadabots?

They broke down their process in a 2017 paper posted to the arXiv. And they started by feeding the AI model short segments of music, a few seconds at a time. This is training their AI learns the system with new features. In addition, Carr and Zukowski wrote that result about this: “While we set out to achieve a realistic recreation of the original data, we were delighted by the aesthetic merit of its imperfections. Solo vocalists become a lush choir of ghostly voices. Rock bands become crunchy cubist-jazz, and cross-breeds of multiple recordings become a surrealist chimera of sound.”

It doesn’t sound totally human. Because of the vocals in for every track distorted gibberish, notes are held without a room. And for breaths, and some of the guitar riffs are at speeds most people couldn’t achieve. The general feel and instrumentals are convincing, especially to the untrained ear. Now they have released 10 different albums based on the music of metal and experimental groups like NOFX, Battles, and Meshuggah.

You can check out the AI-Generated Death Metal 24/7 – DADABOTS on below.


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