The Wonder Years Albums Ranked

The Wonder Years albums ranked

The Wonder Years are very unique to say the least from genre jumping to change in lyric style and more. The band have always been very true to themselves, always being very open and emotional. No matter what genre the band has shown on an album, the band always stays raw and emotional. This behavior the band is known for makes their extremely energetic shows that much more engaging with fans. Below, we ranked all of The Wonder Years albums in our ranked list.

6. Get Stoked On It!

The Wonder Years’ true debut album, Get Stoked On It! is more easycore than it is pop punk or the more mellow sound the band is known for today. Get Stoked On It! had very little composure to it compared to every release the band had after this album. This album was loved among fans but as the band got more emotional and connected to fans. Some songs featured on this record can be found on The Wonder Years’ collections album mentioned above. Get Stoked On It! may have a bunch of weird, mismatched lyrics and themes to it but this easycore album deserved acknowledgement.


5. The Upsides

The Upsides is TWY debut on a label and shows a more mature sound from the band. The elements from their previous record are still found here. Mostly though, The Wonder Years’ more recent elements are found on this album that show what the band would become. In honor of The Upsides and Suburbia reaching 10 years old, the band released singles inspired by that era.


4. Suburbia I’ve Given You All And Now I’m Nothing

This album was absolutely groundbreaking for the band, showing that they could not only create their own sound from scratch but also create incredible concept albums. Although this album is considered a concept album, it is very grounded coming from TWY singer Soupy and bandmates experiences. Songs like Local Man Ruins Everything have great little breaks in them that make you just want to nod your head before jumping around screaming at the top of your lungs. While that may sound like most albums from the band, this album has the most anthem songs. The album’s title is split from, or taken from, three songs the band has on the record, somewhat separating the album into chapters. The Wonder Years also performed alternative studio versions of songs from the album called Nervous Energies that included one of on the deluxe edition.


3. The Greatest Generation

The Greatest Generation feels like The Wonder Years’ most concept heavy album with how deeply the topics from the lyrics resonated with fans. This album have an older feel to it but The Wonder Years always knows how to sound fresh and new with their unique sound. While No Closer To Heaven deals with the loss of a loved one, this album deals with the internal war that the vocalist has dealt with as growing older.


2. No Closer To Heaven

No Closer To Heaven surprisingly may be the saddest or most depressing album from The Wonder Years but it is also one of their most raw albums they’ve ever done. This album, another concept album from the band, deals with dealing with the loss of a loved one and everything else that comes with the passing such as growing older with remembrances of that person. The album features a lot of steady songs that explode into the raw emotion the band is known for and applauded by fans.


1. Sister Cities

Sister Cities is the more mature and recent full-length from The Wonder Years and showcases the pure emotion the band is known for better than any other release. This album focuses the experiences of the band traveling around the world and how connected they realized the world truly is. Sister Cities is one of the most involved every member has been in relation to lyrics and experiences that they’re based on. The band has also recorded four songs from this record in a live recording session called The Wonder Years Live From Maida Vale.


There was no intention to order these albums from oldest to newest in our The Wonder Years albums ranked list. Once I started listening to these albums again I realized something. Watching the band grow and how they’ve truly embraced themselves with each record is worth noting. While you can’t find the band’s debut album on streaming services such as Spotify, you can find their collections album featuring recordings from 2005-2010 here.

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