10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sheff G

Sheff G is still in his early 20s, but in his own way, he’s already considered a hip-hop pioneer. Sheff G is often credited with defining the sound of Brooklyn drill, and it’s a badge that he wears with honor. Although he hasn’t earned a lot of mainstream success just yet, Sheff G’s time is coming. The last few years have been huge for his career and his fan base seems to be growing by the day. With countless people waiting for him to drop his next project, Sheff has some high expectations to live up to but he’s more than ready to show exactly why he deserves all of the hype he’s been getting. Continue reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about Sheff G.

1. He Comes From A Diverse Background

It’s no secret that Sheff G was born and raised in Brooklyn, but his family’s roots extend well beyond New York City. His mother is Trinidadian and his father is Haitian. Sheff G listened to a lot of soca music when he was growing up and the genre heavily influenced him as an artist.

2. He’s Had Trouble With The Law

Life hasn’t always been easy for Sheff G. At a young age, he had to learn how to make some difficult decisions in order to survive and some of those decisions resulted in him having run-ins with the law. He joined a gang when he was just 12 years old and by the time he was 17 he already had a felony.

3. His Goal Is To Build A Better Life For Himself

As an artist, Sheff G always wanted to keep his listeners entertained, but that isn’t the only thing he hopes to get out of his career. One of his ultimate goals is to put himself and his family in a better position. Although he loves his neighborhood, he also recognizes that it hasn’t always been a positive place for him.

4. He Didn’t Get Into Music Until Middle School

Becoming a rapper wasn’t always something Sheff G saw for himself. He told Passion Weiss, “Music ain’t really hit me until I like 7th grade or 8th grade. Cuz now, when I was travelling to school and after school, I’m really playing music in my ears. That’s when music really started hitting. I really started paying attention to what was going on. I ain’t never thought I was going to be a rapper—never. Even if it was a thought, I was like, “Ok. That’s never really going to happen for real for me.”

5. His Parents Love His Music

There are lots of parents out there who would probably be mortified at the idea of their child wanting to become a rapper, but not Sheff G’s mom and dad. They are both very proud of their son and have made it a point to listen to his music. Knowing that his parents are proud of him is one of his biggest motivators.

6. He Lived In A Homeless Shelter

Even outside of his trouble with the law, Sheff G has experienced some very difficult times in his life. At one point, he was even homeless and living in a shelter in the city. Despite his circumstances, however, Sheff G has never been the type to let anything keep him down.

7. He Was Stabbed

Even if you’ve never been stabbed you can probably imagine that’s pretty painful. However, when Sheff G was stabbed in the head, he told Vlad TV that he was able to laugh it off. He had to have the wound stitched shut by a doctor, but he was able to make it through the procedure without any anesthesia.

8. He Appreciates Feedback From His Fans

Lots of celebrities have admitted that they don’t like to read social media comments and other feedback, however, Sheff G is the opposite. During an interview with Acclaim Mag, Sheff G said, “I be listening to my fans, whatever they tell me they want I get it to ’em. You want some music? I got you”.

9. He Has More Than A Million Views On YouTube

Like lots of up-and-coming artists, the internet has been instrumental in Sheff G’s success. His popularity on the internet is undeniable and YouTube has been particularly important for him. In addition to having 339,000 subscribers, his channel has also gotten more than 201 million views.

10. He Loves Expensive Jewelry

No matter how much money you make, there’s probably at least one thing that you like to splurge on. For Sheff G, that thing seems to be jewelry. He loves flashy chains and pendants and he isn’t afraid to show them off. At this point in his career, you probably won’t catch him without his jewels.

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