10 Things You Didn’t Know about Yung Pooda

Yung Pooda

Yung Pooda knew that music was his calling but becoming a famous musician was not easy. He had to spend some time in the streets hustling and splitting rent with his cousin before finally signing with It’s A 10 Records as a rapper. He has since released songs like “Repeat That,” which currently has over 2 million views. His popularity is growing, and one of his latest songs, “Forever Tippin,” is his most viewed video on YouTube, where it has over 4 million views. As he continues to work hard to be the legend he aspires to be, here are a few facts about the rapper.

1. His Biggest Challenge

In his interview with VoyageHouston, the rapper said he had faced many challenges, but the biggest one has to be controlling his emotions. Pooda, however, took charge by becoming spiritual and meditating. He revealed that he had done his best to become spiritually strong by reading and tapping into creative activities.

2. He Developed a Passion for Music at 9 Years

Pooda was meant to follow the music path going by his family background. His grandfather was in a Zydeco band, while his father was a DJ and music producer. Pooda’s father even built a home studio where the rapper honed his rapping skills. His father also brought home all types of records, exposing the young Pooda to different genres of music; thus, he grew up appreciating all of them. His mother, on the other hand, also had a soft spot for music hip hop music. Pooda recalls that she would play “Hip Hop Hurray” by Naughty by Nature at full blast, and the song would drive the little boy crazy.

3. He Speaks Words of Affirmation Every Day

Renowned Indian guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar once said that whatever we put attention to will start manifesting in our lives. He added that attention, intention and manifestation are the ways through which the universe works. Pooda seems to believe the same, and every morning, upon waking up, he thanks God then begins to speak words of affirmation. He tells himself that he is wealthy, strong, healthy and blessed because it will come true when spoken into existence.

4. Painting is His Therapy

Pooda told Viper Magazine that he has six paintings. He has never attended a painting class neither does he intend to; he only had the urge to paint, and he did. He transforms his thoughts into art, but it has been long since he picked up a brush. Still, he plans on going back to it when he has time to spare because it is therapeutic.

5. Why He Moved to Houston

Christians will tell you that a prophet is never accepted in his own hometown, going by a verse in the Bible. Even those who do not subscribe to the Christian faith share this opinion; hence, they will seek their fortune elsewhere. Pooda was not left behind in going out of his comfort zone. He was raised in Orange, Texas, which the rapper remarked is a small town. Due to the size, Orange County did not have the opportunities he searched for, and Pooda reasoned that Houston, the next big town, would be a much better option. Besides, his belief was fueled by the success of other musicians like Pimp C and Bun B, who had to leave their hometowns. He believed that if they could succeed, so could he; thus, he stayed in Houston for a long time.

6. He Made a Promise to God

Despite his ambition to become a musician upon landing in Houston, Pooda told Flaunt that he found the environment fast-paced thus steered away from the music to hustle in the streets. Unfortunately, the results he was getting from his hustles were discouraging, and he got tired. The rapper did not believe that he could last long in formal employment after holding ten 9-5 jobs. Besides, he got in all kinds of trouble while in the streets; therefore, Pooda promised God that he would focus on music if He could get him out of the streets. After making that pledge, everything fell into place.

7. He Did a Lot of Groundwork to Become Popular

Nothing comes easy, and Pooda knows this all too well, going by the amount of work he had to put in to be known. He heard that musicians like Pimp C and Slim Thug made a hundred thousand dollars by selling their music from the trunk of their cars. The rapper also heard that DJ Screw had so many people show up at his place that the FBI had to investigate. With such motivation, Pooda borrowed a leaf from the musicians’ books and began doing the legwork. He would print flyers and posters then distribute them to different stores where he knew his target audience was. Pooda also ensured he had smooth relationships with various DJs, going as far as paying them $50 to play his songs and tell him how people reacted to the music. He said once such habits became the norm, his name got out there.

8. His Goal as an Artist

Pooda hopes to become a legend, and for someone who believes he is a great artist, that is a dream that will come true. He said that people should expect to see him releasing more music that is excellent in all aspects. Despite his belief, the rapper knows he needs his fans to take him to the next level. He, therefore, urges his audience to have faith in him and listen more to his music so they can embrace it.

9. Who Gave Him His Moniker?

Byron Lynn Nettles, Jr. is the official name of Yung Pooda. However, he has always been nicknamed “Pooda” because, as a child, he was overweight. As he grew up, his childhood friend called him Yung Pooda, and the name stuck to become the rapper’s chosen moniker.

10. He Can Play Drums

Although he is not an expert drummer, Pooda revealed in an interview with Infinite Vibes that he can play drums.

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