10 Things You Didn’t Know about John Finberg

John Finberg

John Finberg prides himself as the owner of First Row Talent, a booking agency that has seen him rise to fame by booking some of the most famous rock bands. His interests vary to include running a bar and owning a ticket sales site. However, Finberg’s bright future in the entertainment industry is slowly dimming because his clients dropped him as an agent. Epica, Insomnium, and Hammerfall issued statements saying that the agent and his company would no longer represent them due to his unethical behavior. Well, that is probably only one of the things you didn’t know about Finberg, so here are ten more facts.

1. He Never Wanted to be Employed

Finberg was sure that once he was an adult, self-employment was the way for him to earn a living. He told National Rock View that he does not take orders well; therefore, the only way to get him to do something is to instruct him to do the opposite. With such an attitude, he figured being under somebody’s authority would not work out, and music was probably the only job he could start as self-employed and never have to work for anyone.

2. His Friend Convinced Him to Start His Own Company

Finberg’s booking agency would not have been established had Finberg not listened to his friend. He partnered with many people in booking agencies, but none of the businesses ever turned successful. One partner was a drug addict, and another embezzled funds to the extent of having the Attorney General’s office investigating him. After such disappointments, Finberg’s only resolution was to go back to Los Angeles and maybe partner up with another friend who was an agent. Luckily, the friend advised Finberg to start his own company; thus, he ended up with his own booking company.

3. His Favorite Part of His Job

Finberg has the best of both worlds. Besides living to see his dream of being self-employed, he also travels while accomplishing his tasks. To him, visiting different parts of the world is the best part of his job. The agent loves traveling so much that when at home, he wonders when the next trip will be.

4. A Band Dedicated the First Verse of Their Song to Him

Sister Sin, a Swedish band that Finberg once managed, could only use their lyrical prowess to let out their frustrations with ex-manager Finberg. The band’s song “Fight Song,” which they admit has an infamous opening line, had been scheduled to be released in May 2012. Unfortunately, it got postponed to November 2012, and the band announced the reason through their Facebook page. According to SleazeRoxx, they were unhappy with the mixes, and Victory Records said the music was so bad that they could not pay for the recording. Therefore, the band decided to get the Master files from the producer and have Cameron Web remix the album. Instead of Finberg helping them, he issued threats every time hence the dedication.

5. He is a Co-owner of a Bar in Helsinki

One of the main reasons that Finberg wanted to be his own boss was to travel the world whenever he wished. That dream has come true, and one of the countries he believes is the best in Europe is Helsinki. He went to a local bar in the country, and immediately he set foot in it, felt he wanted to own it. According to the booking agent, the bar is the best of all time. Thus it did not take long before he bought a stake in it. He has three partners and, in 2014, disclosed that he was looking forward to starting another business in the country.

6. He Does Not Mind Sleeping in a Coffin

While to most people, coffins are a sign of death, to Finberg, they are an ideal resting place even for those who are alive. He revealed that he likes Nightwish and had always wanted to visit the keyboard player’s house. The band manager had heard about the house being haunted and that it had a coffin. So whenever he visited Finland, he went to the house and always asked to stay in the coffin.

7. He Wanted to be a Drummer

There is a reason why Finberg has a soft spot for rock bands and why he ended up being the booking agent of famous bands like Nightwish, Amorphis, and Epica. As a little boy, the agent hoped to be a drummer upon growing up, but that was not to be. Although he enjoyed playing the drums, he said he could not stick with it.

8. He was Accused of Sexual Harassment

Several women went public about the sexual harassment they had to endure. The victims’ names were changed to protect their identity, and one woman’s story was about how Finberg harassed her and nearly sexually assaulted her. She only wanted her band to get off the ground, but Finberg insisted that she had to do something in return.

9. He Was Vacationing in Thailand When the 2004 Tsunami Hit the Country

As a lover of traveling, Finberg loved taking his annual vacations in Thailand. He told Celebrity Access that his mental state was affected by what he saw and it would take a while before he could forget the harrowing experience. The booking agent thanked everyone concerned about his safety and urged the public to donate whatever they could because the Thailand families needed every bit of help.

10. He Suffers from High Cholesterol

Finberg was curious to know what caused the death of Mike Scaccia, Ministry’s guitar player, who died on stage after suffering from a heart attack. The internet searches revealed that Scaccia had passed away after the arteries hardened due to high cholesterol, which Finberg also has. The booking agent took it as a sign that he needed to enjoy life more, mainly because Scaccia was only a couple of years older than him. He, therefore, planned to relocate the business to a peaceful area; hence in May 2014, Finberg moved the booking agency from Sherman Oaks, California, to Bangkok, Thailand.

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