How The Game Got Fit During the COVID-19 Pandemic

2020 proved to be a very difficult year for a lot of people. The COVID-19 pandemic left its traces on people all over the world. Even those who weren’t directly affected by the virus itself found themselves struggling with the consequences of living in a world where everything was shut down. For many people, one of those consequences was eating endless amounts of snacks and sitting around the house all day. Like lots of people, rap star The Game quickly found himself packing on the pounds. Although losing weight can be a challenge, The Game managed to get back into a solid fitness routine. He recently uploaded a picture on social media to show off his progress, and lots of his followers were stunned. Keep reading to learn how The Game got back in shape during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Game’s Quarantine Fitness Journey

If you’ve ever followed The Game on social media, you know that staying in shape is something that is important to him. He’s always been the type to hit the gym and lift heavy, and he’s never afraid to pose for her a shirtless picture. However, quarantine knocked him off his usual schedule and his body paid the price. In an Instagram post, The Game said, “Quarantine had me 30 pounds over weight…. In the house eating whatever my kids ate like the outcome was gonna be smooth. Nope, s**t went straight to my belly & face…. stomach was out ta here———> ask anyone that knows me lol… Shit had me out of my bag for a year plus.” While it would’ve been easy for him to fall off for good, The Game decided that he wanted to get back to his old self.

Setting A Goal

Once The Game made up his mind about getting in shape, he knew he couldn’t do it alone. In the post, he continued, “Soon as the world started to open back up, I made a decision to take back control of my body & get myself back to a place where my most fit & comfortable. After 56 days into my @60daysoffitness, I am healthier, lean again & getting ready to f**k the summer up !!! And this is only the beginning. Give me til my birthday to show you what you can really do on this program when you’re focused !!! Go to today & start your journey !!! I started mine early cause I knew the summer was coming… no “weird body ni**as” over here lol….. now I’m ready to go on my 1st real vacation ever !!”

Anyone who has ever struggled with their weight knows how depressing it can be to not be happy with what you see in the mirror. Just because The Game is a successful artist doesn’t mean that he can’t relate to those feelings. Now that he’s made some lifestyle changes he’s excited to resume business as usual. He also hopes that by sharing his journey, he can inspire people who may be dealing with the same thing. Sure, everyone’s fitness goals aren’t the same but there are a lot of people out there ready to drop their pandemic pounds.

More Than Just Looks

Some people might think that The Game’s motivation to lose weight was all about aesthetics, but that probably isn’t the case. Now that a lot of things are open again, The Game will also probably be heading back out on the road to perform. Doing a show requires a lot of energy and it’s important to be in good shape. Now that he’s shed some pounds, he’ll have the stamina he needs to put on a good show.

His Weight Loss Isn’t The Only Thing Fans Noticed

When The Game posed for his picture showing off his new and improved physique, his thinner frame wasn’t all that caught people’s attention. In the photo, The Game stood in front of a mirror wearing nothing but a pair of underwear and many people commented on the fact that he appears to be well-endowed. The picture garnered nearly 23,000 comments with one user saying, “That ain’t the only thing gained 30 pounds lmao”. Another user, mstieraj, said, “Arby’s we’ve found the meat.” The Game has a history of posting thirst traps, so the fact that he chose to share a picture of himself in his underwear isn’t that surprising for people who are familiar with him. For now, he seems to be enjoying the attention he’s been getting from fans and there are a lot of people who are hoping he continues to post updates on hit ‘fitness progress.’

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