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The Pretty Reckless’ Taylor Momsen Spoke about Her Visions About Making Album

Taylor Momsen was guested at WDHAFM just yesterday. She talked to Terrie Carr about her band and the importance of seeing her vision through to full execution while making music with her bandmates.

She is fine with compromising, but not fine with compromising when it comes to art, says Taylor Momsen‘s latest interview.

“I’m expressing myself. If you want to be a part of that, then that’s awesome. If you have a different vision or you want to guide me in some other path, then I’m not the right person for you to be working with because I’m on my own journey, I’m on my own path.

So I don’t compromise when it comes to art, and that’s something that I’ve always had to fight for and stay true to my guns and my way of thinking. And luckily, I’ve had a really great team around me who really support that and really allow me to see my vision through, I guess.”

So Taylor Momsen describes what is the real success for her and how she got it all along.

In every succession she achieved, she never stopped getting excited or surprised about it, she expresses.  It’s never getting old to be excited even hearing a song of them on the radio and it is still the coolest thing for her no matter what. And the best feelings are because of that. She gets all succession she made with her own ways, not by the following anyone.

“But in the long haul, it’s something that makes me happy, and I can look back on my life and I can forward on my life and go.’ I’m doing the right thing.’ Because I can go to sleep at night knowing I made the right decision for myself. And that’s what success is making something that you’re proud of, and the rest of the world be damned.”

WDHAFM‘s video with Taylor Momsen is down below for you to watch.

 The Pretty Reckless upcoming album “Death By Rock And Roll”

Death By Rock And Roll is The Pretty Reckless‘s first album since 2018. Their ex-producer Kato Khandwala died in April 2018 from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. So, Death By Rock And Roll is to be made without him till then and its title was released in advance.

The album will be available on February 12, 2021, via Fearless Records in the U.S. and Century Media Records in the rest of the world.

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