The 10 Best Ace of Base Songs of All Time

Ace of Base

Ace of Base was founded in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1990. However, the band was initially known as Tech Noir. Brothers Silas Bergen and Malin Bergen, alongside their sister Jenny, started the group. Ulf Ekberg was playing with another group. Soon, all the singers enjoyed working with each other, so they created Ace of Base. They recorded their first demo and took it to many different record labels in Sweden. Unfortunately, none of them wanted to sign the group. Then they went to Mega Records in Copenhagen, who loved their style and signed the group. According to their website, one of the cool things about this band is that they keep their lyrics uncomplicated and fun. They want their listeners to enjoy the beat, be happy, and not read any deep meaning into their songs. Even though people have read a lot into one of their songs. It’s a formula that’s worked since they’ve sold 30 million albums and 15 million singles. They also have a devoted fan base known as Acers, who make a yearly quest to Gothenburg from all corners of the world to celebrate the band. Happy Nation’s debut album, also known as The Sign in the United States, still holds the Guinness Book of Records spot for best-selling debut album ever, released on April 2, 1994. On January 25, 2011, the group released their latest album, Playlist: The Very Best of Ace of Base. These are the ten best Ace of Base songs of all time.

10. Travel to Romantis


The music starts off with a space shuttle launch overdub before segueing into a catchy beat with a mild techno rhythm. It’s a sunny song about someone who is predicting the future with her significant other. Romantis undoubtedly a play on the mythical city of Atlantis, a

9. Beautiful Morning


The light and airy guitar riffs at the beginning of the song and Jenny’s vocals create an upbeat anthem to start a day off with positivity and hope. Other songs that celebrate the first waking hours, like The Eels Mr. E’s Beautiful Blues, rely on simple lyrics and an uplifting and uncomplicated beat that doesn’t jar someone before the first-morning beverage.

8. Always Have, Always Will


When you hear this song, it’s tempting to sing Sugar Pie Honey Bunch. Instead of relying on more synthesized beats, Ace of Base’s music is a throwback to soda fountains and sock hops. However, they still maintain a modern vibe, so it doesn’t sound outmoded.

7. Lucky Love


Pure love, like what you would experience in high school, are the words in this song. The arrangement captures the feelings of falling in love quickly and knowing you’ve found the one you’re meant to spend your whole life. Near the middle of the piece, there is a brief interlude of the piano, adding additional romance to the song.

6. Never Gonna Say I’m Sorry


One of the things many people fail to do is live their life unapologetically. The lyrics of This song celebrate the people who live for themselves without being mean to other people. Throughout the lyrics, there is more of Ace of Base’s optimism and simple positive lessons. The group’s music allows the listener to get lost in the beats while hearing affirmations instead of cynicism.

5. Life Is A Flower


When you listen to this song, you hear a gratitude list set to music. Often, people are so caught up in all the things that go wrong that they forget how many reasons we have to be thankful. Moreover, it’s about keeping a smile to invite good things into your life instead of letting everything weigh you down. Adding the violins added to the song’s sunshine and lyrics since its airiness sounds like a la summer breeze.

4. All That She Wants


The lyrics in this song are complex since the Swedish group wasn’t familiar with American slang and colloquialisms. The lyrics can be misinterpreted, and according to Songfacts, it was rumored to be about a woman in Denmark who using men to get pregnant for extra welfare money. Undoubtedly, it’s about a woman who’s a serial dater. It’s a unique song from the group’s catalog because it’s one of the only songs people have analyzed and wonder about the meaning and if there are darker elements.

3. Don’t Turn Around


Although most of the group’s songs are based on positivity, this song is about empowerment. Although the song’s instrumentation is a fusion of electronic and ethereal beats. A unique addition is when there is an unexpected brief period of rap. The lyrics are a powerful anthem for women to stay strong during breakups without looking back and thinking about what went wrong.

2. Beautiful Life


The first time this song was played for the public was when the Florida Marlins won Game 7 of the 1997 World series. Additionally, it’s been featured in two movies; I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry and Night At The Roxbury.

1. The Sign


On October 29, 1993, this song was released at number one on the pop charts. It spent fourteen weeks at the number one on Billboard’s Pop Songs radio airplay chart. Additionally, it spent six non-consecutive weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot 100. It was the number one song of 1994 and Artista Records’ most successful song to date.


Although some people may find Ace of Base’s brand of music far too syrupy, they definitely have a place in the chronicles of pop music. When they were famous, Grunge Music was beginning to rule the charts, followed by another wave of punk. That allowed them to stand out and shine positivity on a diverse musical decade. Years later, the group still holds many of the records they broke in the 90s and remains on the top of many different decade playlists.

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