The 10 Best Madison Beer Songs of All-Time

Madison Beer

Madison Elle Beer began her music career by posting cover videos on her YouTube channel. In 2012, singer Justin Beiber shared a link on Twitter to one of Madison Beer’s covers, and subsequently, she gained substantial mainstream attention. Instantly, Madison Beer secured herself a contract with Island Def Jam Records, where she released her first single, “Melodies,” in 2013. Madison has then grown as an artist; in 2018, she released her first debut EP, As She Pleases, which had three singles; two were certified gold by the Recording Industry Association Of America. Later in 2019, Madison Beer signed a contract with Epic Records, where she released the album Life Support in 2021. The album was a massive success and produced Madison Beer’s biggest hit single, “Selfish,” which charted on top and certified gold. Madison Beer has continued releasing empowered self-love songs that are so inspirational.

10. Unbreakable


Opening our top ten Madison Beer songs list is the high-spirited song “Unbreakable.” This single is a motivational song that helps you get back your confidence. Madison Beer talks about staying strong, loving yourself first, and not allowing people’s opinions to dampen your spirit. This track is beautiful and melodic and can spread love and positivity.

9. Dear Society


This song talks about the dynamic world we live in where the internet and social media have taken over. The track shows how addictive and destructive social media is and how it has changed people’s perceptions about life and the world. Madison Beer talks about how social media’s frustration and runaway effect and wants her fans to know we are all struggling together. The lyrics are powerful and insightful, and anyone can resonate with the song.

8. Dead


This smooth and soulful R ‘n B ballad comes as the lead single from Madison Beer’s EP As She Pleases. It was released in May 2017. Lyrically, the song is about the feelings that come from being ignored in a relationship, yet you still hear assuring words like ‘i can’t live without you.’ Madison Beer wants her fans not to settle for the bare minimum and go where they feel loved and treasured. The song blends with great instrumental beats and sassy lyrics that make this song more dancable.

7. Home With You


This self-assurance single was released in February 2018 as the third single from Madison Beer’s EP As She Pleases. The song is about a woman standing up for herself and not letting a man objectify her. The woman stands up on her ground and wants her decisions to be respected. Madison Beer’s message in this song is not to let anyone subject you to anything. “Home With You” was positively received by critics and charted number twenty-two on the US Mainstream Top 40 Airplay.

6. All For Love


The song “All For Love” was a collaboration between Madison Beer and Jack & Jack, who added a hint of rap to this single. The music is composed of electrifying beats and distinctive vocals by Madison Beers, which add glamor to this musical hit. We find Madison Beer irresistible to a man she loves and would do anything for him in the song. She continues to say that her love is messing up with her mind. Madison Beer wants her fans to know how vulnerable she can be.

5. Say It To My Face


“Say It To My Face” is a stunning ballad released in November 2017 as the second single to Madison Beer’s EP As She Pleases. The lyrics are captivating, and Madison Beer delivers magnificent vocals making this single a great hit. The song is about owning your power, demanding respect from others, and standing up for yourself.

4. Hurts Like Hell


“Hurt Like Hell” features American rapper Offset, who adds an extra texture to the song and is penned down by Madison Beer and Charli XCX. This stunning ballad is about moving on. The song finds the vocalist Madison Beer singing about a cheating ex-boyfriend who regrets leaving her, and now she hopes it “Hurts Like Hell.” In the Music video, Madison Beer haunts a man who abuses his girlfriend. This track was released in November 2019 through digital download and streaming format.

3. All Day and Night


“All Day and Night” was released in March 2019 and collaborated among Madison Beer, DJ Jax Jones, and French DJ Martin Solveig. Madison Beer is the lead vocalist and delivers some of her best vocals on this song. Their collaboration to this track was great and was a success and emerged number one on Billboard Dance/Mix Show Airplay chart.

2. Reckless


This is a heartbreaking song about the power one has over their partner’s feelings. Madison Beer talks about how easy for our partners to hurt us and move on without any guilt. This is a beautiful song, and anyone who has been heartbroken would resonate with it. “Reckless” was released in June 2021 as the lead single for Madison Beer’s album, Life Support. The inspiration behind the music video was drawn from classic children’s storybooks.

1. Selfish


In this beautiful song, “Selfish,” Madison Beer is seen vulnerable and emotional as she recounts a tale of romantic disentanglements. Madison Beer narrates being in love with a man who couldn’t reciprocate her love. She referred to him as “too damn selfish” for not returning her love and felt betrayed. Madison Beer delivers soft vocals supplemented with light guitar riffs. This simple emotion-filled ballad was released in February 2020 as the second single from Madison Beer’s album, Life Support. This song was positively praised by critics and charted number twenty-five in Ireland, making it the first solo artist song to top forty in Ireland.

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