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The Best man

The Best Man is a romantic comedy film released in 1999. It stars Scott Leo “Taye” Diggs (Harper) and Nia Talita Long (Jordan) and marks Malcolm D. Lee’s directorial debut. One of the impressive aspects of this movie is that it provides an avenue for many artists to feature their contemporary R&B hits. Also, it grossed over $34.5 million, approximately four times its production cost. It earned numerous accolades, including the Outstanding Motion Picture Award. In addition, the soundtrack charted on the Top R&B/ Hip-Hop Album and Billboard 200, peaking at numbers 2 and 16. This article ranks all the 14 songs from The Best Man Soundtrack.

14. What You Want by The Roots



This song features Jaguar Wright. It was written by the band’s founders, Tariq Trotter and Questlove, with the help of Jaguar Wright and Scott Storch. It describes the unveiled bitter truth about the one-night stand between Harper (Taye Diggs) and Mia (Monica Calhoun), Taye’s friend (Lance) girlfriend.

13. Let’s Not Play the Game by Maxwell


Co-written by Maxwell Menard and Hod David is this second single of The Best Man soundtrack album. It depicts Lance’s (Morris Chestnut) and Harper’s life who should step up and settle. Harper is unsure about marrying Robyn (Sanaa Lathan), while Lance is a womanizer. They both renounce their behaviors and face their fears. Harper finally faces his fears and proposes to Robyn. Lance stops playing around and marries Mia. This song peaked at no.55 on the R&B Hip-Hop Songs chart.

12. Wherever You Go by Sygnature (Feat. Simbi Khali)


Nature has a way of bringing people together and enhancing their connection. Here is a song that describes Quentin and Shelby’s relationship. They both had eyes on each other but played safe. However, things change when Murch and Candy fall in love. Quentin and Shelby confess their feelings for each other. This song was written by L. Robinson, H. Hadju, and M. Robinson.

11. Untitled by Meshell Ndegeocello


Meshell Ndegeocello wrote this song to express the gratification that comes when you are deeply in love. You feel charged when around them or when you think of them. It’s possibly the spark that brought Candy (the stripper) and Murch together.

10. Best Man by Faith Evans



Would you confront your partner about their actions? It’s not easy, although it may seem like the best approach to express your pain at the moment. But what if they become defensive and blame their actions on you? Lance thought Mia didn’t know that he was cheating on her. However, his infidelities compelled her to mess with his best friend (Harper). Was it a revenge act? Listening to these lyrics written by Kevin Briggs and Kandi, you’d agree it was.

9. Hit It Up by Sporty Thievz


Here is a song that describes extroverts. It’s about a character who seeks social stimulation from the outside world and does not care about the standard social rules. It is what Quentin (Terrence Howard) portrays in this film, confirming that he is genuinely a free-spirited individual. Sharrod Ford and Marlon Bryan co-wrote this ballad.

8. Poetry Girl by Eric Benét



Is there someone you love from afar? Here is a song about loving from a distance. It portrays Jordan (Nia), who loves Harper even though she knows they cannot be together. Harper is deeply in love with Robyn. Eric Benét and Osunlade co-wrote the song.

7. As My Girl by Maxwell


People fall in love expecting that the other person will reciprocate the same level of affection and show commitment in the relationship. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Deception kicks in, gradually hurting the trust between partners. It’s what happens between Lance and Mia; however, Lance commits to Mia at the end of the film. Maxwell and Hod David co-wrote the song.

6. When The Shades Go Down by Allure


Penned by Darryl McClary, Suga Mike, and Quincy Patrick is this aphrodisiac. The lyrics and the singer’s sexy voice will get you in the mood. It’s what Lance, Harper, Mia, Shelby, and Quentin need during their intimate moments.

5. Beautiful Girl by Kenny Lattimore


How would you describe Lance’s and Mia’s relationship? Regardless of Mia knowing about Lance’s womanizing behavior, she chooses to stick around. Even though his actions hurt her deeply, she hopes that he will change and settle down with her one day. Lance forsakes his infidelity acts and marries Mia. This song is relatable to those who stick around their partners even after learning of their infidelity and end up marrying them. It was composed by Kenny Lattimore with the help of Jamey Jazz and John “Jubu” Smith.

4. Liar, Liar by Latocha Scott


Have you ever been betrayed by the person you love and trust the most? If yes, you can relate to this song. It describes Lance’s disappointment and pain when he discovers that his best friend Harper messed around with Mia (his wife-to-be). Sadly, both (Mia and Harper) kept it a secret. Katrina Willis and Anthony wrote this song.

3. After All Is Said And Done by Beyoncé & Marc Nelson


After All Is Said And Done was penned by Gordon Chambers and Phil Galdston and performed by Beyonce Knowles and Marc Nelson. It’s a song that will trigger tears of joy. Listen to the lyrics, and you will comprehend why Lance tears up as he recites his sweet wedding vows to the love of his love (Mia).

2. Turn Your Light Down Low by Bob Marley & Lauryn Hill


This great love song written by Bob Marley is worth playing during intimate moments. The lyrics match what transpires between Shelby (Melissa De Sousa) and Quentin. Did they fall in love with each other? These two sleazy characters have a great time after Shelby breaks up with Julian “Murch” (Harold Perrineau).

1. The Best Man I Can Be by Ginuwine, RL, Tyrese & Case


Harper tried to be the best man he could be. He managed to save his best friend’s (Lance) wedding. He further gave a heartfelt speech that pointed out the true love between Lance and Mia, highlighting why they deserved to be married. This track was composed by Terry Lewis, James Wright, and Jimmy Jam.


The plot of The Best Man film is a true replica of what happens in real life. While not promoting unethical behaviors in relationships, scenarios of infidelity, revenge, cheating, and lack of commitment portrayed in this movie are common in our society. However, we should not overlook the key message from this movie. It emphasizes forgiveness, love, patience, commitment, friendship, and trust, which we all desire in a relationship.

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