Ranking All The Songs from the How to Train Your Dragon Soundtrack

How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon is an action fantasy movie released in 2010. It features Hiccup (Jay Baruchel), a young Viking from the Island of Berk. His dreams of being a dragon killer like his father Stoick the Vast (Gerard Butler) take a new turn when he captures a Night Fury. He finds this dragon mysterious and does the complete opposite of what Vikings do; he befriends it and dubs it Toothless. This inventive boy (Hiccup), who is perceived as clumsy by his father, ends up uniting both worlds (dragons and the people). The original score by John Powell and Jonsi completes this movie’s plot successfully. How so? This article says it all. It ranks all songs from the How to Train Your Dragon soundtrack indicating specific scenes where each score features. Check it out.

25. Dragon Training by John Powell


The youngsters have to learn how to kill dragons as they will be the next generation of Vikings. This score plays as Gobber (Craig Ferguson) takes the youths through their first training. He introduces the dragon species that the trainees have to fight and lets it loose.

24. The Vikings Have Their Tea by John Powell


This is the second score that features at the end of the movie.

23. The Cove by John Powell


Here is the score featuring where Astrid advises Hiccup to tell his dad about the dragon den. However, he convinces her not to mention the nest until he figures out something else. He fears for Toothless’s safety.

22. The Kill Ring by John Powell


If you’ve watched this film, you’ve heard this song play where Hiccup (during his graduation) proves to everyone that their perception about dragons is wrong. He declines to fight the dragon and instead pets it.

21. Dragon’s Den by John Powell


Toothless helps Hiccup and Astrid discover the dragons’ nest. This song plays as the Night Fury takes them on a flight and reveals where all the dragons dump food. They refer to it as the giant beehive.

20. Ready the Ships by John Powell


Would you say it was a bad idea that Hiccup disclosed about the dragon nest? Here is a score that plays as the Vikings sail to the den with Toothless imprisoned in one of the ships. They use the Night Fury as a guide, leaving Hiccup and Astrid (its friends) behind.

19. Counter Attack by John Powell


Worried about Toothless, Hiccup mobilizes the youngster, and they all head to the dragon nest. This song plays as the youth approach the battlefield flying on their pet dragons.

18. This Time for Sure by John Powell


Here is the music that plays at the scene where the youths are undertaking the final test of their training. Hiccup emerges the winner. He manages to down the dragon using his self-learned skills.

17. Not So Fireproof by John Powell


Hiccup continues to prove his fellow Vikings wrong. This score plays where he discovers that dragons are not fireproof. It happens in the scene where he is seated next to Toothless, who shoots fire on a Terrible Terror dragon.

16. Where’s Hiccup? by John Powell


Love for a father kicks in at this moment where Stoick loses sight of his son. Here is the track that plays as he searches for Hiccup only to find him wrapped safely by Toothless.

15. Astrid Goes for a Spin by John Powell


The friendship between Hiccup and Toothless is amazing. This song features where Toothless is determined to get Astrid (one of the youths) to apologize to Hiccup by giving her a terrifying ride. Toothless flies ferociously, spinning but gets gentle after Astrid makes an apology.

14. Focus, Hiccup! by John Powell


This music features where the youths are fighting a Nadder during their training. Hiccup is busy asking Gobber about the Night Fury while his fellow youngsters are trying to figure out Nadder’s blind spot. Gobber tells Hiccup to focus.

13. Wounded by John Powell


You will hear this score play where Hiccup is in the river and discovers that the Night Fury cannot fly away because it lost part of its tail. He sketches the dragon (Toothless) in his notebook.

12. The Dragon Book by John Powell


This music sounds scary but blends perfectly with the scene. It plays as Hiccup studies the different dragon species listed in the Dragon Book. He comes across the Night Fury, but not much is known about this species. However, it is considered the most dangerous. Perhaps due to its ability to summon lightning.

11. Battling the Green Death by John Powell


The song rounds up the big fight between the Vikings, their pet dragons, and the giant monstrous dragon.

10. Sticks & Stone by Jónsi


This is the first score that features in the film’s closing credits. The song is about unveiling the truths about some misconceptions, allowing you to appreciate the positive sides of whatever you’ve grown hating. It is relatable to Vikings’ lives in this film. Hiccup and Toothless bond set a new way of life, so colorful and exciting for the dragons and the Berk people.

9. Coming Back Around by John Powell


Once perceived as the weak son of the Berk Viking chief becomes a hero. This song plays as the people welcome Hiccup (their present leader) home.

8. Dragon Battle by John Powell


Here is the music that plays where dragons invade the village. The adults grab weapons and start fighting off the dragons. Hiccup sneaks out, determined to prove to his father that he can kill dragons; he hauls his bolas cannon and hits a Night Fury (a rare dragon species).

7. New Tail by John Powell


A Night Fury cannot fly with a missing tail. Hiccup modifies a new one for Toothless. This music plays where he’s sketching and crafting the new tail.

6. See You Tomorrow by John Powell


Here is a song that plays as Hiccup intensifies his interactions with the dragons. He designs himself a saddle to help him control Toothless’s tail. He also strives to learn new abilities in handling dragons.

5. Romantic Flight by John Powell


Watching the scene where Hiccup and Astrid (America Ferrera) ride on Toothless and listening to this song play in the background will make you want to fly on a dragon. The flight looks so exciting and adventurous.

4. The Downed Dragon by John Powell


This soundtrack features where Hiccup bumps into the Night Furry he had downed. Unable to kill it, he lets it free. Interestingly, the dragon returns the favor; it refrains from killing Hiccup.

3. Test Drive by John Powell


You will hear this score in the scene where Toothless and Hiccup have a successful test flight. The dragon gets comfortable with Hiccup and realizes it needs his help to fly.

2. This Is Berk by John Powell


This film score plays in the opening title scene where Hiccup introduces himself and the Berk Island, his home. He further narrates about his people’ Vikings’, mentioning the seven generations’ combats with dragons.

1. Forbidden Friendship by John Powell


This great score features where Hiccup tries to befriend the Night Fury (dubbed Toothless). He gives it a fish which sets a good starting for their friendship.

Summing Up

How to Train Your Dragon is one of DreamWorks’s highest-grossing animated films. The movie targets young viewers, but even grownups who watch it end up glued to the screen. It’s certainly a worth watching film.

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