The 10 Best Michael Bolton Songs of All-Time

Michael Bolton

Michael Bolton’s musical career initially started in the mid-1970s where he recorded music as the lead singer for the American rock band Blackjack. In the late 1980s, Michael Bolton had a stylistic change in music and became more famous for the pop-rock ballads that he released after that. Over the course of his incredible career, Michael Bolton has released eight top 10 studio albums and sold over 75 million records. He has also won a whopping six American Music Awards and two prestigious Grammy Awards. Here are the top ten Michael Bolton songs of all time.

10. Safe Place From The Storm


The number ten track in our countdown of the greatest Michael Bolton songs is the track “Safe Place From The Storm,” which was the first track from Michael Bolton’s 1997 album, All That Matters. The album’s production was done by Babyface and Tony Rich, and the song featured fellow award-winning singer Diane Warren. “Safe Place From The Storm” was a real gem in the album and is a song that was beautifully composed in terms of its lyrics and melodies.

9. Soul Provider


“Soul Provider” is among the best songs that Michael Bolton released, and the way he expresses his feelings in this song is quite impressive. The track was an expression of Michael Bolton’s affection towards his partner, who he says wants to be their “Soul Provider.” Michael Bolton sings his heart out in this song, and you can feel that the message is genuine. What an incredible song “Soul Provider” is. It will touch your soul anytime you listen to it.

8. Missing You Now


You can’t deny that Michael Bolton’s songs have so much soul in them — he sings each song as if it was his last. “Missing You Now,” is a track in which Michael Bolton expresses how much he misses his lover. The vocals in this track are magical, and the video featured Teri Hatcher, who looks so beautiful in the video. The timeless song narrowly missed out on the Billboard Top 10, peaking at position 12 on the chart.

7. Time Love and Tenderness


Despite copyright infringement claims from the Isley Brothers for the song “Love Is a Wonderful Thing,” Michael Bolton’s 1991 was a massive commercial success. The title track of the album, “Time Love and Tenderness,” was an absolute masterpiece. Although I liked listening to this song a lot when I was younger, I had never appreciated its greatness until recently. This track was among four tracks from the album that hit the top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100.

6. That’s What Love Is All About


The love ballad, “That’s What Love Is All About,” is contained in Michael Bolton’s 1987 album, The Hunger, which many consider to be his significant breakthrough. This track is about soulmates. You can fall in love with several people in your life, but once you meet your soulmate, it is akin to winning a lottery. Michael Bolton’s powerful voice in this track is so passionate, and this song was one of his first two Top 40 hit songs.

5. Steel Bars


Michael Bolton wrote this song along with Bob Dylan as they were brainstorming ideas for a song that they were working on. After some time, Bob Dylan suddenly said, “Steel Bars wrapped around me,” and they rewrote the lyrics of the song. The track features a magnificent bass rhythm that you are unlikely to hear anywhere else and Michael Bolton’s superb vocals, which makes this one of my favorite Michael Bolton songs ever.

4. When a Man Loves a Woman


“When a Man Loves a Woman,” is probably one of the most underrated songs from Michael Bolton’s 1989 album, Time, Love and Tenderness. The track peaked at number one on the US pop and adult contemporary singles chart. The track also earned Michael Bolton a Grammy Award. The song is quite remarkable and will make you want to dance with your special person. It is one of the sweetest songs ever.

3. How I’m I Supposed to Live Without You


This 1982 ballad has been covered by numerous artists since its release and is considered a modern pop standard song. The track was recorded by Michael Bolton in 1982 for the album, Soul Provider. The track’s popularity proved to be a significant turning point for Michael Bolton, and it is the track that turned him into a bonafide performer after years of being known to be a songwriter. The track made its debut on the Billboard Hot 100 in October 1989, and in January 1990, it became the first number-one song on the chart during the 1990s.

2. Said I Loved You…But I Lied


Michael Bolton was like a powerful male version of Celine Dion. In this beautiful 1993 ballad, Michael Bolton denies being in love with a love interest despite telling her that he loved her. “Said I Loved You…But I Lied” was released as the first song from his 1993 album, The One Thing. The track peaked at position one on the American and Canadian adult contemporary charts and has been certified gold by the RIAA. The song was also voted as the Best Male Pop Vocal Performance at the 1995 Grammy Awards.

1. How Can We Be Lovers?


The number one song in our list of the greatest Michael Bolton is arguably his greatest hit ever. The track was unlike the piano love ballads of Michael Bolton that we were used to. In this song, he goes straight metal. “How Can We Be lovers?” is such a powerful rendition and is a classic song that stands the test of time. The lyrics of the song are incredible, and the song’s video is impressive.

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