The 10 Best Smith & Myers Songs of All-Time

Smith and Myer

In 2014, Smith & Myers emerges as a side project from their 2001 American hard rock/alternative metal band Shinedown. Taking ten songs that have been recorded by various artists of hard rock and heavy metal genres, they altered their formats into acoustic versions. They did this based on the request of over 4,000 fans of Shinedown when Brent Smith and Zach Meyers announced they were doing to do this project. These songs were released as two different EPs (extended plays). The first, Acoustic Sessions, was released on January 28, 2014. The second, Acoustic Sessions, Pt. 2, was released on March 28, 2014. Shinedown, as a whole, took much time off during 2014, which was both rare and needed for the band. Smith’s vocal cords required time for recovery after sustaining an oral thrust condition that is known to inflict artists who constantly perform without taking enough breaks for the voice to relax. In addition to the covered songs performed by Smith & Myers, the duo has also released a series of original music, which was released as their first full-length debut album Volume I, on October 9, 2020. There is also the release of Volume II, which was released soon afterward on October October 23, 2020. Just like the two EPs before them, there are cover songs also featured, going as far back as (Unchained Melody), originally performed by The Righteous Brothers in 1966. When Smith & Myers embarked on leaning more towards the softer style of acoustic performances, there were some doubts among music critics about the project. However, the favorable response received by most of those same critics, as well as the fans, simply proved the raw talent of Brent Smith and Zach Myers was somewhat underrated.

10. One More Time


An original song from Smith & Myers, which was recorded and released for their second studio album (Volume II), which was released October 2020, which is within the same month as debut album (Volume I). In what many fans found 2020 to be the year of disappointment within the rock music genre has voiced, that same opinion is not reflected upon Smith & Myers, nor what would be one of two original songs from this album.

9. Since You Were Mine


An original single from Smith & Myers is (Since You Were Mine), which was released with their October 2020 album (Volume I). It premiered as a YouTube music video on February 18, 2021. The acoustic experiment Brent Smith and Zach Myers embarked on that saw two EPs released by the duo in 2014, ventured into a more in-depth dedication to produce a pair of albums in 2020. Doing so earned the duo that was originally made famous as part of the Shinedown lineup a whole new cluster of fans. And, despite the shift from their typical hard rock genre, managed to retain most of their fans who’d otherwise never consider listening to a considerably softer style of music.

8. Unchained Melody (Righteous Brothers Cover)


Covered by Smith & Myers through their (Volume I) album, (Unchained Melody) is performed beautifully by Smith’s vocal talent and Myers’ acoustic magic. Simple, yet still heartfelt, it’s just as hard for fans to get through this song without feeling some kind of emotion as it was when the Righteous Brothers first released it back in the mid-1960s.

7. Runaway Train (Soul Asylum Cover)


Originally released by Soul Asylum in 1992 is (Runaway Train), which is among the top ten songs chosen for Smith & Myers’ 2014 two EPs that were released. Some of the fans even admitted they preferred Smith’s performance as they found the lyrics came in cleaner, crisper, and even more soulful than the original.

6. Bad at Love


Premiering as a video on September 25, 2020, features (Bad at Love), which serves as a powerful performance from the duo of Smith & Myers. Fans of Shinedown, even as old as in their late 70s, admit they can’t get enough of Smith’s voice and hope he, along with Myers, continues to record and share their talent for many years to come.

5. Someone Like You (Adele Cover)


Adele’s 2011 original (Someone Like You) is performed by Smith & Myers as part of their acoustic coverage of songs originally recorded by other artists. Recorded in 2013, then released in 2014, the combined talent of the duo sparks a solid performance that shines through this song earns the admiration of fans, both new and old, that sat up and took notice of their musical genius.

4. She Talks To Angels (The Black Crowes Cover)


Coming from their two-EP collection of 2014 is the cover song (She Talks To Angels), which was originally released as a single by The Black Crowes in 1991. The Smith & Myers duo really hammers home the emotional impact the song delivers revolving around the harsh realities of drug addiction. While fans love the original, they are also fond of this version as well.

3. Nothing Else Matters (Metallica Cover)


Considered to possess one of the cleanest voices in the music industry, regardless of genre, Brent Smith’s delivery of Metallica’s 1992 hit (Nothing Else Matters) made it the most popular cover song coming from the 2014 EP project he and Zach Myers embarked on.

2. Blue on Black (Kenny Wayne Shepherd Cover)

As part of the two EPs released in 2014 by Smith & Myer, the duo’s performance of Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s 1998 hit single (Blue on Black) is rendered to be among the favorites among their fans who found the acoustic version nothing less than spectacular. With over four million views of the music video featuring the song sung by Smith and guitared by Myer, fans definitely make their voice heard that there likely isn’t much of anything Smith & Myer can’t perform.

1. Not Mad Enough


The music video premiered on August 21, 2020, and since then, nearly 3 million viewers on just one of the YouTube video shares alone. Fans of Shinedown expecting the duo of Smith & Myers to rage into the hard rock or metal styles their original band is known for will not find it here. However, fans of Brent Smith’s powerful singing voice, combined with Zach Myers’ acoustic guitar talent, simply love the performance. And, rightfully so, as it really is that good.

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