Jason Newsted reveals he lost weight in every Metallica concert

Jason Newsted reveals he lost at least a 3-pound in every Metallica concert show. Former Metallica bassist recently interviews with Palm Beach Florida Weekly about the physiology for metal music.

Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted who also plays with Metallica from 1986 to 2001. He also contributes to the in 1988’s “…And Justice for All,” 1991’s “Black Album,” 1996’s “Load,” and 1997’s “Reload” albums. He talks with Palm Beach Florida Weekly for the how heavy metal music and headbanging affect his body and physiology. He answered this question: “You’ve been outspoken about the physical damage that playing metal music, and head-banging all these years, has caused. What’s been the reaction to that?”.

Jason Newsted answer some question about his and Metallica:

“I haven’t had direct interaction with anybody other than doctors about that kind of stuff. It’s mostly my family and wife and people who have known me for a long, long time. About 1992 in New York, I was in a really bad way. It was about eight or 10 months into a tour, with very little rest.”

Also, he mentions about the Metallica’s show:

“No doubt. I stayed the exact same weight for 27 years. We always knew that was going to happen. You can weigh yourself before the show, and it was at least a 3-pound difference, sometimes more. We’d rate the power and energy of the show by how many T-shirts we went through. You could wring ’em out and fill up a bottle. Four was a pretty good show. Everybody had their way of keeping fit. I took my bicycle on tour with me for years.”

Newsted’s longest show he ever performed was with Ozzy Osbourne with three hours and one minute, in Montreal, Canada in 2003.

After Jason Newsted left the Metallica, then the band replaced him with bassist Robert Trujillo, in 2009.


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